Autumnal Equinox - First day of Fall 2016 - Google Doodle

  • Published on:  9/21/2016
  • Google celebrates Autumnal Equinox with a really nice doodle -the First Day of Fall 2016 (Northern Hemisphere). It’s the day when day and night are equally long. See the full story incl. "First Day of Fall 2015" and "First Day of Fall 2014".
    But only in the northern hemisphere fall begins. In the southern hemisphere it’s “First Day of Spring”.

    More about First Day of Fall in german: "Herbstanfang - Herbst-Tagundnachtgleiche" : (

    Music: “Ghost Dance” by Kevin MacLeod

    Is today the first day of fall?
    Today for most marks the first official day of fall. Wednesday, Sept. 23, is the autumnal equinox, which signals the end of summer and the beginning of the transition to winter in the Northern Hemisphere. (Meteorological fall began Sept. 1.) The exact moment of the equinox is at 3:21 a.m. CDT Wednesday.

    What is equinox phenomenon?
    National weather agencies have started to warn residents of warmer days ahead as the Equinox Phenomenon takes place on Sunday, March 20. During an equinox, which happens twice a year, the Sun is in its zenith over the Equator and the day and night are generally of equal length.

    What time does fall start?
    This year, the autumnal equinox falls on September 22, 2016 at 10:21 A.M. EDT. This equinox occurs when the Sun appears to cross the celestial equator from north to south. (The celestial equator is the circle in the celestial sphere halfway between the celestial poles.

    What is the solstice and the equinox?
    The days are longer around the summer solstice and shorter around the winter solstice. When the Sun's path crosses the equator, the length of the nights at latitudes +L° and -L° are of equal length. This is known as an equinox. There are two solstices and two equinoxes in a tropical year.