• Published on:  12/12/2017

    Vlog #1235 - Today, we all find ourselves under the weather as we begin to make preparations for Grandpa.

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  • KidBehindACamera
    KidBehindACamera  9 months ago+2183


  • - -Unit Theory- -
    - -Unit Theory- - 8 days ago

    i love that shirt the black long sleeve nice

  • Caden Bronson
    Caden Bronson 12 days ago

    Mike u can tell him anything! He hears you and is watching from above

  • wasim nedved
    wasim nedved 1 months ago

    Close the chinnal pig 🐽

  • Austin Harvath
    Austin Harvath 1 months ago

    Time don't heal all wounds time just makes it a little easyer

  • Austin Harvath
    Austin Harvath 1 months ago

    She's a lyer she was mean to grandpa all the time so don't sit there and cry Bridget for mike to fall all over you oh poor bridget

  • jhaunaye miller
    jhaunaye miller 1 months ago

    Rip agp❤️

  • Mark Ray
    Mark Ray 2 months ago

    Miss AGP sooo much

  • Kenny Crowther
    Kenny Crowther 2 months ago

    Hello Michael my name is Kenny and I'm new to your utube page i wish that i could have met your dad

  • DarLon
    DarLon 2 months ago

    I lost my dad, mom, brother and uncle all in a very short, short time. There are times I feel like I can breathe, but I can't catch my breath. Y'all are loved so very much. Thank you for letting us in your lives.

  • jason ford
    jason ford 2 months ago

    he was our dad, and our grandpa. he was the best,

  • Ashley Peterson
    Ashley Peterson 3 months ago+1

    you should play the ouija board

  • Felix The Fox 1738
    Felix The Fox 1738 3 months ago

    Felix my boiiiiiiiii

  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 months ago+1

    History rage people
    1st Angry grandpa (Angrygrandpashow) 2007,
    2nd Francis (Boogie298) 2008,
    3rd Stephen (Wafflepwn) 2009,
    4th Copper (Coppercab) 2010,
    5th William (Violette1st) 2011,
    6th Psycho dad (Mcjuggernuggets) 2012, and
    7th Houston (Brotherhood Productions) 2014.

  • MrPakkmann
    MrPakkmann 3 months ago

    your Dad was doing and saying shit that everyone in this day and age with all the hard working and stress that everyone experiences, he acted out against the status quo...he acted out how we all want too, but reframe from out fear of consequences, so watching him actually made me feel better and less stressed in my life and many others I know of...thats why is a hero in my book...this a shout out from New Zealand...RIP AGP.

  • Justin Goddard
    Justin Goddard 4 months ago

    You will see him again

    CASH FAGNER 4 months ago

    I miss him and I am sad but im not in his family. Is that weird?

  • John Pineda
    John Pineda 4 months ago

    We will miss Angry Granpa he will never be forgotten 🙏🏼

  • Tina D
    Tina D 4 months ago

    He’s in Heaven and pain Free. He will remain all around all of you. He’s watching over everything you do. He’s gone but his spirit is right here with you.

  • Jessica Rivera
    Jessica Rivera 4 months ago

    I would love for you guys to try to get a hold of tyler henry the medium. He's been really popular in hollywood for a few years. He is legit!!!