Boostedboiz meet SHO’NUFF the s2000 Racecar

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • Shawn gets the 8.8 rearend reassembled and makes SHO’NUFF a roller, then we load up the s2000 and take it to the new shop where it meets the Bully and the Boostedboiz and everyone gets to dream where we are gonna take it. So relax and enjoy.


    P.O. Box 503

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  • Michael Rentfrow
    Michael Rentfrow 3 days ago

    Amillio is a clown with that tiny hand 😂

  • LV pheno702
    LV pheno702 4 days ago

    And I complain when it gets to 40 in vegas

  • fr3ub
    fr3ub 8 days ago

    How about using a piece of tube and two bolts on the old flange to stop it from spinning ? No need to open the dif

  • Casper Deigh
    Casper Deigh 8 days ago


  • Scootermagoo
    Scootermagoo 8 days ago

    The sho'nuff schtik is getting old already. and not only is leeroy gonna gap it neighbor will also. sho'nuff.. It'll be nice when you guys get tired of saying that and start talking like humans again.

  • Honda_ee4²
    Honda_ee4² 8 days ago


  • Craig
    Craig 9 days ago

    Great job on the chassis guys

  • shane russell
    shane russell 9 days ago

    could have put a bolt or screw driver in flat yoke and spun it out with ratchet should have bought a new crush sleeve to and reset the pinion preload

  • KustomGraphics206
    KustomGraphics206 10 days ago+1

    I can't wait to start seeing shakedown runs. Once you guys get her dialed in she's about to be breaking some records SHO'NUFF

  • TB19x
    TB19x 11 days ago

    Let’s take a minute to look at the beautiful truck in the background

  • Wikto
    Wikto 11 days ago+2

    Brent! You should C35 swap the Bully! It would be siick, the C35 came out of the 02-04 Acura Rl's and are 225 Hp stock and throwing Legend 3.2 Type 2 heads has 1mm oversized valves, C35 is already a longitudinal engine so you wouldnt need to mess with as much oil delivery plus the C35 isnt a well known engine and it would be one of a kind

  • manny s
    manny s 11 days ago

    So... is SHO’NUFF gonna show Leroy how it's done? ;)

  • Gregory Fields
    Gregory Fields 11 days ago

    get a penion flange tool

  • Lance travels
    Lance travels 11 days ago

    Haya bro the sho nuff movie cut scenes have me dying lol

  • LiFe Style
    LiFe Style 11 days ago

    And here’s another video with the Civic bully

  • LiFe Style
    LiFe Style 11 days ago

    I found this video I’m pretty sure it’s you Brent cause it says bully but it’s a crx

  • brock pederson
    brock pederson 11 days ago

    Haha cold. Here in Saskatchewan Canada it’s -30. Your weather thats t shirt weather to us Canadians -6 laugh 🤭

  • CrazyAssPotter
    CrazyAssPotter 11 days ago

    Will we eventually see a friendly race between sho'nuff and the bully?

  • bugsy Robinson
    bugsy Robinson 11 days ago

    That tiny hand threw me off for a sec😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣