WHAT IF BROLY was sent to BEERUS' Planet? What If WHIS trained Kid Broly? - Dragon Ball Super

  • Published on:  1/25/2020
  • What if Broly was exiled to Beerus' Planet instead of Vampa?

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    My most popular series of videos is the “What If Goku was sent to Beerus’ Planet?” series. This has lead to me receiving MANY requests about what if other characters - like Vegeta, Raditz, and Broly - were sent to Beerus’ Planet, but have avoided the subject because I fear being too repetitive with my stories. However, after considering it thoroughly - I think this story would be fundamentally different from the story of God of Destruction Kakarot. With that said, let’s get into it.
    After watching the video feel free to leave any and all counter points in the comments below - I love a good discussion.
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