Punishing my terrible dog



  • kremit 5 months ago

    My dad must have done the bird box challenge because he still hasn’t found his way home

  • Captain Spooney 17 days ago

    kremit what he did was an epic pro gamer move

  • d̤̮a̤̮r̤̮k̤̮ h̤̮ṳ̮m̤̮o̤̮r̤̮ o̤̮o̤̮f̤̮

  • Rolling Herd 4 months ago

    You can't put that dog in a microwave, that's inhuman. She can't fit.Put her in the oven.

  • Zolo yesterday

    @EctaViz no shit sherlock

  • Wyatt Olszewski 2 days ago


  • Plot twist it was jack films that pooped in the shower

  • iiMeida 9 days ago

    Plot twist, the plot twist did the plot twist in the plot twist of the plotest of all twist shower.

  • Darth PewDiePie 10 days ago


  • Sky Walker2101 5 months ago

    Outrageous. *JENA MUMBLES* would never do this to Ceramic, Mango and the Dead one.

  • fatimah anwaar yesterday

    Nope it's Cermet Paesh and Marpel

  • bluebehr 2 days ago

    CeRAMiC lol I wish I read that correctly the first time it would've been more funny I just figured it was cermit

  • Avocado Pancakes 5 months ago

    Watch out Klondike! He's going to put you in the microwave! OH NO! Klondike has AirPods in! 😥😭😵

  • Trent Clark 27 days ago

    @Dylan Huff No shit Sherlock

  • Mikayla Mell 2 months ago

    @Dylan Huff wowwwww really?

  • kremit 5 months ago

    PETA has a playlist of videos to sue you over at this point

  • Fateema Akter 5 months ago

    yee haw hes my boy kremit

  • Jude Lammirato 5 months ago


  • Lucas 5 months ago

    431 peta members have disliked this video

  • MatthewIsDumb 1 months ago

    686 now

  • darkman42 2 months ago

    678 now

  • Flowinkel 5 months ago

    0:20 don't mix up Erin's and Klondike's toys!

  • TheJdwalker82 2 days ago

    @TheTankerGamingXDSex toys

  • Tuscan417 3 months ago

    @The Tanker Gaming XD Get out from the internet while you still can!

  • ggioluzza 5 months ago

    *PETA wants to: know your location*

  • Kobe Hills 3 months ago

    ggioluzza omg I wanted to comment Animal Lovers want to know your location! Can I have permission

  • Spangello 4 months ago

    PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.

  • Cave Johnson a months ago

    @BBB BagF4ce Oh shit I just got roasted by a kid.

  • BBB BagF4ce a months ago

    @Cave Johnson They can't if you don't have one.