Film Theory: IT - Pennywise's Greatest Fear (IT Movie 2017)

  • Published on:  10/21/2017
  • Subscribe To Not Miss A Spoopy Thing! ► Fingers' Horrific Story ►► DEADLY was Death Note? ►► many of you I loved the new IT movie. But one thing has been bothering me since I saw IT. How exactly were the Loser's Club able to over come the master or fear - Pennywise? I mean he had plenty of opportunities to kill them off one by one. So I did a little digging, but what I found goes far beyond just their ability to survive. MORE FILM THEORIESDon't Hug Me I'm Scared DECODED! ►► Spiderman Is DEAD! ►►'s Ultimate MEME! ►►'s True CRIME! | Rick and Morty ►► Woman FAILED! ►► The LION KING Survive?! ►►'s Secret Past! | Kong Skull Island ► the theme song and remix for this episode? Thanks to CARF! MEDIA:Twitter: @MatPatGTFacebook:


  • Sahvanna Myers
    Sahvanna Myers a years ago+3469

    Imagine if they made a stephen king crossover movie between "the Shinning" and "It"
    Comming soon to a thearter near you, it's "The Shitting"

  • Bread ON Toast64125
    Bread ON Toast64125 2 months ago+1252

    You'll theorise too!
    You''ll theorize too!
    *Me, Slides into sewer drain

  • Eyefiegamimg 247
    Eyefiegamimg 247 3 months ago+979

    Anyone realise matpat predicted it 2's actor for Bill?

  • Ginny of New Stone
    Ginny of New Stone 4 months ago+549

    (Steven King closes his laptop)…."That Dude figured out my big twist!!!"

  • Sophia Gruidl
    Sophia Gruidl 4 months ago+452

    It's funny that at 5:36 he uses Professor X as Bill and now James McAvoy has been cast as adult Bill in Part 2.

  • Datguy1313
    Datguy1313 a years ago+2431

    What do you call a running clown

  • Bipin Lamichhane
    Bipin Lamichhane 2 months ago+593

    "We have a radio that doesn't play Gucci gang"
    Me YEET

  • Emmy
    Emmy 4 months ago+220

    So, Richie is scared of Pennywise and Pennywise, a murderous being, is scared of a turtle. Wow.

  • TheLibermania
    TheLibermania 1 months ago+127

    7:00 "But nobody came?"
    I feel pretty detetmined to know why this has a different font.

  • GachaGals
    GachaGals 21 days ago+27

    Penny: (creepily) WaNnA bAlLoOn?
    Me: leaves
    Penny: Free WiFi?
    Me: I have unlimited data
    Penny: Hamilton Tickets?
    Me: pulls the tickets out of his hand like the Flash Thank you!

  • Fox NationGaming
    Fox NationGaming a years ago+2033

    Penny:want a baloon?
    Penny:free wifi
    Me:*jumps in*

  • It's_just_ Autumn_Here
    It's_just_ Autumn_Here 5 months ago+230

    It: Chapter Two
    Coming September 6th, 2019. I'm so freaking ready

  • Veronica Morris
    Veronica Morris 21 days ago+25

    Penny wise : iron man didn't die down here
    Me: jumps in sewer at max speed

  • Dylan Le
    Dylan Le 2 months ago+86

    Pennywise:here want a toy
    Me:nah I have a Xbox

  • Ferris DaSpiderFan
    Ferris DaSpiderFan 14 days ago+26

    Theory, Carrie White from Carrie has the shine. She is abused on every second of her life, which explains her telekinetic powers.

  • Fawaz Prihardi
    Fawaz Prihardi 3 months ago+117

    5:38 wow you predict McAvoy as Billy.. Do you have shining ability too?

  • Shrek wazowski
    Shrek wazowski 3 months ago+92

    5:37You know whats funny, the grown up character for Bill is James McAvoy lol.
    Get it?
    Psychic battle? (If u dont know who James is he the one who plays as Charles Xavier in the X-men movies)

  • Edgy_Teen _WithProblems
    Edgy_Teen _WithProblems 2 months ago+59

    Me: Do we watch gay vines down there ?
    MattPatClown: 0:21
    Me:Okay im climbing in!

  • LilDevilSins
    LilDevilSins 2 months ago+71

    😳 🐢
    Turtle: here’s how you defeat evil clowns. Pikachu use thundershock!
    Game: Pennywise ran away

  • yung 4vr
    yung 4vr a years ago+1618

    Pennywise: The radio doesn't play despacito down here.
    Me: jumps in.