The Vet Said There Was No Hope For This Dog, But One Woman Refused To Give Up On Him



  • Zac Ross
    Zac Ross 11 months ago+58

    I'm proud of her for not giving up on this beautiful little boy this shows that if you're determined to save a helpless little baby most of the time you can and he turned out to be one gorgeous little guy

  • Rose Reyna
    Rose Reyna 11 months ago+30

    Thanks for not giving up! 😂

  • Mia MMC
    Mia MMC  11 months ago+51

    I started crying im so happy that he has a good owner😭😭😭❤❤❤

  • Brett Zelinski
    Brett Zelinski 11 months ago+41

    Good for her and good for the dog we more people like her

  • Long Drive
    Long Drive 11 months ago+66

    How does this happen?!!
    On a Utah vacation I picked up a tiny blond sickly dog abandoned on the side of a dark road in the middle of no where. Half starved, loaded with fleas and pooping remnants of plastic bags she hid under the bed at the hotel. She went on vacation with us and I flew her home with me. She was adorable and had a darling personality. After some vet care and steady diet of quality dog food she blossomed into a wonderful companion. She lived a life of kindness and love for 14 years. And she was not young when I found her. I would love to find the heartless person who abandoned her to die in the desert of thirst or coyote attack. Just to tell them what a wonderful dog they threw away and what a loving life she led despite their cruelty. It is extremely rewarding to change the luck of an abandoned neglected dog. They respond to care and blossom - restore their trust. Sometimes it takes a very long time to bring them around - but be patient. They never forget you saved them.

  • RenegadeTimes
    RenegadeTimes 11 months ago+31

    Moral of this story - Some Vets are a holes.

  • Dawn Campbell
    Dawn Campbell 11 months ago+28

    Benji is so beautifull omg

  • Lynette Dundon
    Lynette Dundon 11 months ago+10

    He's adorable! Thank you Andrea💜❤️🙂.

  • Jan Melott
    Jan Melott 11 months ago+41

    See what you missed out veterinarian you gave up too soon

  • Michael Chambless
    Michael Chambless 11 months ago+11

    Just shows us all what compassion, love, and determination can acomplish. Thank you and your big heart for saving Benji's life. He's ahappy, good looking pup.

  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony 11 months ago+16

    GOD BLESS. him and her.

    SAM MARTIN 11 months ago+19

    When a Vet tells you there is no hope it’s time to get a new Vet.. That Vet is in the profession of saving animals when they lose sight in such a manner and give up so easily it’s time to find another profession they are no good to you or any animal.. In my mind That sweet fur baby eyes said it all.. I’m so glad Andrea you saw past what you were told.. We need more people to show the strength that you have.. More animals would be saved and less euthanized or sent to Laboratories to be tortured.. Oh that’s right in case you don’t know they don’t experiment on sick animals won’t even take them.. They want the healthy ones... God Bless you and keep you all... Mercy

  • Karen Jackson
    Karen Jackson 11 months ago+18

    Beautiful Dog ❤

  • Susan Evans
    Susan Evans 11 months ago+6

    Well done love for not giving up on benji he's so lush and handsome xxxx

  • Mohd Kassim
    Mohd Kassim 11 months ago+7

    I'm so glad Benji have you in his life💕and may God bless you for all the good things you'd done for this beautiful soul called Benji...

  • Nadia Marknsen
    Nadia Marknsen 11 months ago+14

    So amazing I saved his life I could only imagine how much he loves u god bless u

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik 11 months ago+5

    Its amazing what a little love can do. The more love Benjamin is given the more beautiful he becomes. God bless you for saving his life. I’m kind of teary eyed now

  • Pamela Davis
    Pamela Davis 11 months ago+13

    Never give up before the miracle happens! Great story, an even greater lesson! :-)

  • Dave Hardy
    Dave Hardy 11 months ago+14

    What a beautiful story starting off sad it just shows you how you can make a difference with love and tender loving care as Andrea did Benji Well done Girl for not giving up and sticking to your belief.Benji looks so handsome now you wouldn't believe that it's the same dog . God bless you for trying and passed where the vet only looked and failed .you are a true angel

  • Tony Vera
    Tony Vera 11 months ago+8

    Thank you so much for giving Benji a chance and Benji really appreciate this thank you so much that there are still people who care about animals God bless you and keep doing the good work for Benji thank you so much