MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0079 | LORE XL! | Universal Century 0079 | The Anime Man

  • Published on:  5/9/2017
  • The Anime Man recounts the events leading up to The One Year War in this super sized LORE episode!
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    Written by Gainesaurus

    Animated by Zeurel

    Voiced by The Anime Man


    In the Universal Century, the newly formed Earth Federation tackled pollution and overpopulation, announcing a massive space colonization program. Over several years, multiple O'Neil cylinders were placed at Lagrangian points in steady orbit. By UC50, over half Earth's population emigrated to the new colonies, known as Sides. A nearby asteroid's orbit was even altered to become a second Moon, Luna II.

    But soon, on Side 3, the philosopher Zeon Zum Deikun noticed some settlers, now called Spacenoids, had evolved. These Newtypes gained heightened spatial awareness and mental abilities and Deikun believed Newtypes were proof humanity was destined for space. He taught that Earth was sacred and that Sides should be sovereign nations in a new movement known as Contolism. The Spacenoids, who were treated as second class citizens on Earth, quickly adopted his beliefs, declared Side 3 independent and appointed Deikun their leader. Unfortunately Deikun was killed in mysterious circumstances and his former advisor, Degwin Zabi, conveniently declared himself sovereign of the new Principality of Zeon, secretly killed Deikun's most loyal followers, and appointed his family members to high ranking positions.

    The Zeon military mobilized quickly, developing a new weapon, the Mobile Suit, and in UC79 began the One Year War. Both sides lost billions to nuclear and chemical strikes before the Antarctica Treaty banned their use. With their Mobile Suits, the Principality gradually invaded most of Earth, but the Earth Federation had one last hope: The V Project, developing weapon prototypes under engineer Tem Ray on Side 7.

    But the Federation carrier White Base, on its way to pick up these prototypes was followed by Zeon forces led by Char Aznable, the Red Comet. When one of his men opens fire on the colony, Char will learn just how powerful the Federation's new RX-78 Gundam is and meet his greatest opponent, Amuro Ray, the teenage Newtype that just jumped in the cockpit.

    Have fun!

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