David Attenborough, The Wild Man (2016): 60 Minutes Australia

  • Published on:  4/26/2017
  • David Attenborough and Charles Wooley go back a long, long way. As a kid, Charles was spellbound by his earliest wildlife programs on black and white television. Then as a reporter in his thirties, he was thrilled to interview him. It’s fair to say they’ve both aged a bit since. And on the eve of Attenborough’s 90th birthday they met again in London. As you will discover, Sir David is still pushing the boundaries. He is more outspoken than ever about the state of the planet and has also become a bionic man, with two new titanium knees. And just as he has always done, he will dazzle your senses with something new and quite incredible – this time the cutting-edge technology of virtual reality.

    Reporter: Charles Wooley
    Producer: Nick Greenaway