Heroes of the Storm Developer Interview! - Chris Sigaty & Alan Dabiri on Launching Heroes

  • Published on:  6/4/2015
  • In this 25 minute interview with Heroes of the Storm developers Alan Dabiri (Technical Director) & Chris Sigaty (Executive Producer) we discuss the launch of the game, development leading up to launch, planned improvements to UI and player experience and Blizzard's plans for support post-launch.

    Have a chance to talk in detail and at length with two of the game's leading developers was a great opportunity and I think this video should provide some interesting insight into the Blizzard's goals with the launch and moving forwards.

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    Heroes of the Storm or just "Heroes" for short is an online multiplayer "Hero Brawler" - a game of tug-of-war with other players where you fight both their heroes and the opposing team's AI controlled minions while trying to destroy each other's bases. It will be available for PC & Mac. Find out more on the official website here: http://www.heroesofthestorm.com/

    Outtro Song is "Out of Body" by Dance with the Dead: