Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

  • Published on:  1/10/2019
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  • Where Nerdy is Cool! 6 months ago

    That's amazing they let you dismantle that beast to show off the inside....I hope they got it back together!

  • Daniel Griffith 3 days ago

    @xpeterson This!

  • Daniel Griffith 3 days ago

    I wouldnt be surprised if they actually paid him for making this...its quite an advertisement. At least let him keep the one he dismantled.

  • Norbert Baylon 2 months ago

    *Meanwhile Apple casually solders their RAM into the motherboard*

  • Miguel Ortega yesterday

    So does Alienware in the m15 and 17 ram is soldered

  • @Jeremy Stig it helps with making a better connection and saving space and weight...

  • Matthew De Vuono 6 months ago

    People who say "Apple take notes." Need to understand Apple will only note the price.

  • Daniel Griffith 3 days ago

    @Leighton Mitchell They definitely dont want something upgradable.

  • Daniel Griffith 3 days ago

    @SodomySnake exactly! I think we will see affordable Ryzen laptops by Christmas that seriously challenge the Apple/Intel laptops.

  • HENRY THE RC CAR 6 months ago

    How does this guy upload this often and still manages to always have quality content. I applaud you sir 👏

  • Daniel Griffith 3 days ago

    He has worked hard for his success.

  • Jesse Clarke 24 days ago

    @toliveanddie76 indeed, and he built up the channel (I think it was like ncix or something) for the ppl he worked for at the time on YouTube before he left to start his own channel. It was a pity he couldn't get the golden play button at the bankruptcy auction when NCIX (the retailer he worked for) went out of business many many months ago. Disappointing for him for sure. Still, he's doing pretty well for himself still so yeah.. 😊

  • Weslly Labrador 6 months ago

    Dell has to be commended on this, "if you won't do it, we'll do it ourselves". And obviously for letting clumsy Linus open up their heaps-of-money new toy.

  • Michael Baldwin 20 days ago

    @Jamie Hasted Can beat that...I've got a 2012 Dell M4600 Precision..Up-gradable CPU and MXM 3 - A Graphics Card...It's just that as it already has the top spec Quadro 2000m and the sandy bridge unlocked I7 2960XM..there is no where go for this to go,to be upgraded.Intel sockets changed a year or 2 later, and the bios locked out other MXM-A GPU's from a few years later...MXM -B is to big so GTX 1050/1060 MXM cards will not fit,and if they could then the MXM 3-a is a 50 watt bus max standard.The latest...

  • Jamie Hasted 5 months ago

    This is nothing new?! My M17x R4 has an upgraded CPU and I can install up to a 1060 (without modding).

  • Szabolcs Mate 6 months ago

    When Dell allows you to take apart their latest $$$$$ gadget "live", on camera... It kind of shows what a great reputation you built not only in the eyes of the manufacturers, but also in the eyes of the customers. They don't mind the "inconvenience" as they know they will get a fair opinion that the customers will take seriously. Well done Linus! Honestly.

  • riku818 6 months ago

    @jazz03 wrong

  • Szabolcs Mate 6 months ago

    @fishywtf these are not mutually exclusive. Of course it is marketing for Dell and this will surely convert directly to sales. This just shows that Linus earned the respect on both sides with his work. Manufacturers know he will not criticise unfairly for views, and his audience know he won't "sell" a polished turd to please a manufacturer. (his directly sponsored videos are sometimes ever so slightly biased, but well within reason in my opinion)

  • Nic Hall 6 months ago

    Theres a very very quick passing single frame at 1:29 if anyone can spot it. Its literally Linus holding up the laptop.

  • Maschinestorm 29 days ago

    FightClub reference easteregg? minus dong.

  • John Remie Evensen an hour ago

    Just wondering Linus, how much is your ADD Triggered in this unmounting process :D love the exitement btw :P hehe

  • John Remie Evensen 7 hours ago

    BTW folks, i can say this because i got MAAAD ADHD myself :P hehe :D sitting here with my leg jumping up and down :P

  • Buddha BlessYou 6 months ago

    I stopped buying modern laptops for a reason they have CPU and GPU bloody soldered into Motherboard making them completely inupgradable, but thanks Dell changed this

  • reza wahyu 4 months ago

    darty367 look if you have the r4 variant then you're in great luck, that thing is very overpowered compared to garbage we have today

  • reza wahyu 4 months ago

    TeCh ExPlOiTs that's prema's bios I bought a bios from him for 920xm in my m15x r1 though

  • Felipe Oropeza 6 months ago

    that thermal compound application though

  • Stefio 4 months ago

    No shit, I've seen facials on Pornub less messy than that.

  • Stefan Etienne 4 months ago

    I know. Even I did a better job.