Dude vs. Wild - Nevada Mountains

  • Published on:  12/8/2017
  • Parody of one of my favorite shows, "Running Wild" with Bear Grylls.
    See Bloopers and BTS here: https://www.201tube.com/video/Du6MS/video.html

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  • Anna Panarina
    Anna Panarina 9 months ago+23817

    Finally another dude vs wild, have waited for years 😝😝

  • Artist R
    Artist R 7 hours ago

    Can we all take a moment to talk about how amazing Sean's hair ?
    It looks so healthy !!

  • Mozzarellaa Pizza
    Mozzarellaa Pizza yesterday+1

    Goodbye Sean.. It's really good to know that they made Dude vs. Wild

  • Jake Her
    Jake Her yesterday

    Are you Hmong?

  • Jonathan Oyola
    Jonathan Oyola 4 days ago

    What a shitty friend

  • Tagnen Josephs
    Tagnen Josephs 10 days ago

    11:15 glitch in the matrix

  • Caitlin Newman-Sanders

    "F*ck that rock!" 😂

  • aoyukinana
    aoyukinana 12 days ago

    " Sean help me i shouldn't have done this sean"
    "But your not that far from the grown"
    Yup thats me

  • Beth Franks
    Beth Franks 12 days ago

    my sister eats all the skin that's who

  • Hoang Ly
    Hoang Ly 13 days ago


  • Alex Dang
    Alex Dang 13 days ago+1

    No more Sean now :(

  • Christianjk52 Chandlerjk52

    Ummm did u just put the avengers song in the video 😂🤨

  • Akt 714
    Akt 714 14 days ago+1

    Anyone watching in 2018

  • Akt 714
    Akt 714 14 days ago+2

    I Took The Skins

  • Death Mage
    Death Mage 14 days ago

    Sean come back from ur vaca-sean

  • BlueBird Lopez
    BlueBird Lopez 14 days ago+2

    Is it from Las Vegas or Reno Nevada?

  • Erin Lee
    Erin Lee 14 days ago+1

    Who's watching this after Sean left?

  • No Cool Dudes
    No Cool Dudes 14 days ago

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson 14 days ago+3

    Shall we just say that Ryan's English accent is not the best because at points it sound Australian,South African and a New York accent.

  • Joker_ TAD
    Joker_ TAD 15 days ago

    11:00 is the funniest part