The Reason I Hated Highschool

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Spechie 10 months ago

    I apologize if this video pisses you off and you feel the need to leave rude comments, but this is my final video about highschool i know they are negative and rant style. I apologize if that isnt your forte or you think im "full of myself" i just had a bad time in highschool, and part of that was my fault for being negative mean and not putting myself out there. I admitted that in the video. This is my final rant video about highschool, sorry if it outraged you.

  • RealityCheck1993 1 months ago

    I'm not really outraged. But I am skeptical of your analysis of the people that approached you, given prior misgivings with your art teacher video. For that more than anything, I think you're better off not talking about highschool.

  • WOWsie ! 2 months ago

    Spechie you go home at 2:40???? I GET HOME AT 7:00 IN TEXAS WTFNWBJWNSLS

  • Katzun 10 months ago

    Bro I can’t wait till I graduate high school. I hate it. I have literally zero friends and it sucks

  • Katy Watson 15 days ago


  • Bendy the Demon 1 months ago

    @Jade Underwood *YEP*

  • Fubluhh 9 months ago

    *I blame the high school for all my issues even though I caused all those issues myself*

  • Rigor Berzerk 2 months ago

    I blame ZA WARUDO

  • Adrianna Arcuri 4 months ago

    Essentially yeah.....

  • Røses 7 months ago

    If you give the minimum, you get the minimum.

  • Louie 28 days ago

    I think they're talking about the friends part. She didn't make much of an effort to make friends so no one made an effort to be friends with her.

  • Rigor Berzerk 2 months ago

    Well I mean if she doesn't care about the shit the teachers were teaching then that's her. You don't need some of that anyway

  • Jake Ragoo 10 months ago

    "Man, people really don't wanna talk to me."*doesn't stand out from the crowd, ignores practically everybody, and when she finally stands out from the crowd, she thinks they're all fake instead of realizing that she can make a name for herself*"Wow, everybody else sucks."

  • Fatima Assaf 17 days ago


  • AestheticClown 24 days ago

    Pretty much

  • Jayne Pelletier 10 months ago

    You would say how no one would approach you, and how people were rude, when at the same time you say you were always rude and negative yourself ...

  • PinkyTear Drop 2 months ago

    @ᔕnowiee but she doesn't have to slag them off in a video and call them rude when they try to talk to her

  • cooltuber1756 2 months ago

    I would rather for people to not approach me.

  • FroyoHead Animation 10 months ago

    The only thing high school teaches is how to deal with bs

  • Granola Plz 6 months ago

    TroutPlayz *-the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell-*

  • Insane At The Moment 8 months ago

    @Cherry Gaming wow! i sure wish i was as smart as you!!!

  • i got a tv 10 months ago

    Wow your life is kinda sad. Don't want to go to college because you're too lazy, extremely narcissistic, doesn't even have a job besides Youtube. But hey at least you got something supporting you ig.

  • @Ariana Patel thats what I don't get.

  • Ariana Patel 1 months ago

    @fantastic rabbit xoxo true but the same act is being done

  • honeytown 10 months ago

    I don’t think those kids wanted to be friends with you for “fame”... sure, you’re sort of known now bc of all the drama going around, but you weren’t and still aren’t any Logan Paul or some other popular YouTuber. Most of those people probably started talking to you bc they found you interesting and thought you’d be a cool friend. And why didn’t they talk to you before?? Because you didn’t try to put yourself out there and make friends. You wanted friends to come to you. Well in twelfth grade, looks li...

  • @brace face X yh well obviously people are. And people should

  • brace face X 5 days ago

    Yeah no one is reading all that 😂😂😂

  • Raven 10 months ago

    ig you can't really complain about not having friends and stuff if you were being really negative and anti social.. i learned you need to go up to people and figure out who's who, most likely they wont go up to you

  • Snuggle Muffins 8 days ago

    In an honest sense of matter, having no friends is still upsetting regardless.Did she make the mistake of not going up to anyone to make friends of her own?Yes.Is it reasonable for her to be sad about that, resulting in her being sort of alone?Yes to that, too.I made the error in my judgement back in Elementary school.I had no friends.Loads of bullies were there, so that automatically flipped a switch in my brain to say,"Hey, everyone sucks. I'm cancelling them out, and I'm gonna cont...

  • Rigor Berzerk 27 days ago

    @Louie if you're talking to me then yes I know they won't benefit me so you can just leave it at that