Attempting to Carve the Worlds Widest Snowboard feat. Ryan Knapton

  • Published on:  3/28/2019
  • DISCLAIMER: I'm really not sure if this is actually the widest snowboard in the world, however I think you all can agree that a 31cm waist and 14m sidecut is pretty insane.

    Huge shoutout to Ryan for bringing some of his Donek snowboards for me to try, and then literally swapping boards with me on hill so that I could get a run on his personal snowboard. I really enjoyed the chance to try these boards out, I think that if I could spend some more time on this style of board it would really open up a new side of snowboarding. Having that width combined with the large sidecut is a totally new experience, and made for a really fun day. These unique Donek snowboards are definitely something I would recommend if you are interested in getting into this style of carving.

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