5 Steps to Frontside 180's - Snowboarding Trick Tutorial

  • Published on:  3/13/2017
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    In this video I'll show you the five steps to learning frontside 180's on your snowboard. The first step is to practice the 180 static on the snow. Here you can work on the wind up and pop that gets the frontside 180 around.

    Next practice the 180 as you ride across the slope. Here you can work on the heel carve that creates the base that you pop the 180 from. Add more speed and do the 180 up a side bank. By snowboarding up the side bank it creates pressure on your board which will allow you to pop higher.

    Next find a small roller or ledge to practice the 180 on. The key is to do a few set up turns rocking from your toes to your heels as you pop your snowboard off the lip of the roller.

    Finally take the frontside 180 to a small jump in the park. Here you can put all the element together to get the frontside 180 around on the small jump. Thanks for watching!

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