PROOF...Dinosaurs had FEATHERS!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
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    On this episode of Beyond Dinosaurs, Coyote and the crew head to Hill City, South Dakota, to visit the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, teaming up with renowned paleontologist Peter Larson! We go behind the scenes to continue exploring their fossil archive, and the team may have found proof that DINOSAURS had FEATHERS…

    Get ready to find out if the team can discover if DINOSAURS really had FEATHERS!

    HUGE thanks to the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Peter Larson, and his team! Make sure to visit the Black Hills Institute website for more information:

    Archive footage/media Courtesy of Black Hills Institute.

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    Thank you for watching Beyond Dinosaurs! A series where we travel back in time to uncover the mysteries surrounding these prehistoric creatures. This will truly be an adventure 65 million years in the making!


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  • Erwin Orval
    Erwin Orval 5 days ago

    Uhm... these are not real feathers yet. They are still a type of protofeathers.

  • Neon Gaming
    Neon Gaming 6 days ago

    I’ve always loved Raptors more than T-rexes but they are still really cool (my favourite raptor is the Utahraptor)

  • ancient hunter
    ancient hunter 7 days ago

    I want him to go to the burges shales i think they're called. Some real crazy stuff over there from the cambrian period.

  • Adrian Lodalen
    Adrian Lodalen 7 days ago

    That's false, new fossils have clear scales and not feathers

  • alek ventura
    alek ventura 8 days ago

    This deserves a tv show on nat geo wild

  • N20Stagg12
    N20Stagg12 10 days ago

    finally this gets adressed !!! hate it to see dinosaurs that SHOULD have feathers dont in mainstream media but glad they finally tell people that they did have feathers 100%

  • Red Panda The First
    Red Panda The First 12 days ago+1

    *OREO DONT!*

  • paul gibson
    paul gibson 12 days ago

    Common sense will tell you an animal that is the size of a bull African elephant did not have feathers 🤦🏻‍♂️, maybe smaller species or even baby T. rex but not a 10 ton adult!!

  • PaddyWestside
    PaddyWestside 12 days ago

    Haven't they found imprints of trex skin, which shows no feathers? I believe that mostly the smaller Dinosaurs had feather, if they had at all.

  • TigerPlayz 2000
    TigerPlayz 2000 13 days ago+1

    You dont know maybe that is a lythronax skulk or yutyrannus because they all are t rex spieces but just evolved into trex

  • DemonLord518
    DemonLord518 13 days ago

    i found a fossil by accident in my backyard over 10 years ago and then i lost it. it was a trilobite and i think it was somewhat rare.

  • The Silverbird gaming

    I wish dinos were alive

  • glassian
    glassian 15 days ago

    why does pete look like my moms dad

  • GO PACK GO !
    GO PACK GO ! 15 days ago

    Thank you for doing this episode, I grew up religous and was taught that birds didn't come from dinosaurs. It doesn't take much education to show that transition and I love that you're helping out with that.

  • Beast Gamer
    Beast Gamer 16 days ago+1

    So sad the great kim jong rex had to bomb and kill the entire dinosaur population

  • sաɨʄt Ҡıٳٳ{ʄ}

    I love dinosaurs, but onnne thing, I'm not a believer in evolution :p. Also T-Rex is my fav Dino and I can't imagine rex with feathers.. sorry, maybe smaller dinosaurs. Like archaeopteryx, u can see the outline of feathers, but I never saw the outline on a T-Rex or other dinosaurs...

  • Indianajones GamerNL

    not all the dinosaurs

  • Dana Middlemiss
    Dana Middlemiss 18 days ago

    Is that real Fossils

  • Angeleque 8
    Angeleque 8 19 days ago

    Why not just soak it "" the fossil thingy"" to the water or something liquid ? Will it damage the fossils if it's done that way???
    please tell me I wanna know🙏

  • Jurassic Raptor
    Jurassic Raptor 20 days ago

    Awesome that you guys have been doing Jurassic world videos, and dinosaur videos! I love paleontology, especially dinosaurs I hope to be a paleontologist one day. Also, I adore the Jurassic park franchise, thank you guys for making great content! Keep it up!