benny blanco, Halsey & Khalid - Eastside (AMAs Performance)

  • Published on:  10/15/2018
  • "Eastside" out now: benny blanco:


  • Andyka Adhiem 4 months ago

    Khalid's voice is unique, that's why I like the song he sang

  • Raf Zax 3 days ago

    @Elianna Diggs ur name ugly

  • Elianna Diggs 4 days ago

    And plus he is fat

  • honestly, Benny is a complete genius. The lyrics are literally the best,

  • RedDragon Fury 11 days ago

    True true

  • Omar Aamir 12 days ago

    Trent Rainwater i know right why this old fucker thinks Bob Dylan is even relevant to this video is stupid

  • •Gey Noob• 7 months ago

    I hate how now one was screaming for Khalid :/HE'S AMAZING HOW COULD PEOPLE NOT LIKE HIM he sings amazing

  • Trigga Tre an hour ago

    Who the hell said they didn’t like him 😂 I literally have never met that person

  • THE GENERAL**** 11 days ago

    At 0:19 someone screamed. He even smiled little bit.

  • Gacha Cookies 3 months ago

    Halsey is a true singer she doesn’t sound any different in person I love her voice and Khalid’s voice omg amazing too his voice is also no different in person ❤️

  • Gaming With Mikey 1 months ago

    Saul Gonzalez plus no one asked you if you didn’t like gacha. Now to pick your nose.

  • Gaming With Mikey 1 months ago

    Saul Gonzalez not khaled

  • Yan Ying 28 days ago

    Benny wrote the songKhalid sang itAnd so did HalseyFor anyone that didn't know

  • All of them wrote a little so did Ed Sheeran

  • Kaylee the Queen 24 days ago


  • Sunita Singh 4 months ago

    Did anyone just notice that look on G Eazy's face at the end..........

  • She's been with YungBlud since November.

  • A R 1 months ago


  • Natalia Vlogs 1 months ago

    AutotoneHalsey : never heard of it*

  • Nat ural 4 days ago

    She must’ve heard of autotune

  • Hafsa 6 days ago

    @Alisha Zaman oh shoot sorry 😂👌😅😅

  • Nathan snap4.4 6 months ago

    2:52 dat mic flip

  • Joe 4 months ago

    @Bob Craig flipping = flipping, she was just rotating her wrist

  • Bob Craig 4 months ago

    @xyoxus Flipping = Rotating

  • kalina farajian 3 months ago

    thank you soooo much Benny Blanco for writing this song its amazing

  • styles mint 6 months ago

    When I was young, I fell in loveWe used to hold hands, man, that was enough (Yeah)Then we grew up, started to touchUsed to kiss underneath the light on the back of the bus (Yeah)Oh no, your daddy didn't like me muchAnd he didn't believe me when I said you were the oneOh, every day, she found a way out of the window to sneak out late[Pre-Chorus: Khalid]She used to meet me on the EastsideIn the city where the sun don't setAnd every day, you know that we rideThrough the backstreets of a blue C...

  • sub Zero 21 days ago

    Thank you