Technologies and Creative Learning: Final Reflection. Z. Amos Stamp-Jerabek. (12/0 6/18) at 6:22pm

  • Published on:  5/8/2020
  • Technologies and Creative Learning FA18
    Creativity matters as it leads to innovation, and without innovation, there is no future … (

    - What is creativity?
    - What are the tools?
    - What is our identity in the Digital Age?
    - What is Participatory Culture?
    - What are the Digital Communities of learners?

    Reflection and what was the most engaging session? I will return to Jenkins and his work on Participatory Culture

    Big Idea: Media can enable creativity in our networked society …
    Essential Question: What have I learned?
    Enduring Understanding: Digital Storytelling can be a powerful way of learning and sharing new knowledge