Peddle Boat with a Gas Motor!

  • Published on:  2/4/2019
  • This was a fun build! Shortly after I got this boat, I realized it could be tough to operate if the wind and current was ripping. And if I was to rent this to people, I felt it should be more fun and less work.
    Now that I know the build was a success, I'll soon have a cool new, easy to operate boat for a family to rent. And like I mention in the video, I might just get another for those that aren't afraid to get a workout. Because, really, the Monaco DLX wasn't that bad right outta the box.

    My thanks to Pelican for the good deal on the boat

    And many thanks to Coleman. The lil outboard is doing great!

    And, of course to Scotty, for your continued support.

    Last, but not least, Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the creation of Zoffinger's. Patrons, renters and watchers of my videos all help make this possible!