That Escalated QUICKLY… Funniest Fails

  • Published on:  8/11/2019
  • Funny fails that escalated quickly! Try not to laugh at this funny clip compilation! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Ordinary Things CUT IN HALF Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! Merch:


  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  7 days ago+4518

    would u win the MILK GAME??

  • Amara Koroveshi
    Amara Koroveshi 7 days ago+1758

    Am i the only one still waiting for the Dr. Phill video

  • the_singing_ squad
    the_singing_ squad 7 days ago+792

    Your actually a savage if you read more
    Now your 2019 is full of good luck like to activate
    Mini YouTuber btw

  • StarLight ShineBright
    StarLight ShineBright 7 days ago+286

    SniperWolf: “ I hate to burst your bubble, but most people don’t make it to step three...”
    Me: I haven’t even gotten past step one yet... 😂

  • Lag Gaming
    Lag Gaming 7 days ago+52

    I have to call out the chick who "Cut off the girls hair, cause she said Justin Bieber was gay"
    Look in the background.. shes at a barbers shop!

  • Neko Eijirou Kirishima
    Neko Eijirou Kirishima 7 days ago+27

    "I'm this close to cutting it all off!"
    Me: well THAT escalated quickly.

  • Pxlsx
    Pxlsx 7 days ago+87

    IF THIS IS BLUE YOU LOVE🌟❤️ sssniperwolf

  • Madison Nownes
    Madison Nownes 7 days ago+58

    Me: Well... That escalatored quickly.

  • GDXdominator Geo
    GDXdominator Geo 7 days ago+53

    3:43 when the amount of shipping comes in with the cheap product

  • Azzy's Gacha Production

    Lia: Dedicate you soul so sa-
    * Ad interrupts *
    Ad: * CHINESE AD *

  • xLùmble Lumblè.
    xLùmble Lumblè. 2 days ago+4

    Looking forward to nine o' clock. :)
    Just kidding I'm not that dark 😂😁

  • esturlia
    esturlia 7 days ago+221

    Last time I was this early, Daniel Cohn dressed her age ;)
    tbh no one even knows her age lmaOO ^_^

  • Molly Fern
    Molly Fern yesterday+4

    Where’s my favourite French you tuber?

  • Shadow K-Pop
    Shadow K-Pop 7 days ago+12

    Sssniperwolf:We got crazy people!
    Sasaengs : WELL,WE DID IT BOYS

  • Troll.
    Troll. 7 days ago+28

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly, She goes with digital to get snacc

  • Sophie Lasso
    Sophie Lasso 7 days ago+13

    Bold of you to assume that I’ll share my pizza 😂

  • Sevster 7
    Sevster 7 7 days ago+562

    🚫 Stop Scrolling 🖐
    You now have 7 days of good luck ✨līke this comment if you stopped scrolling
    (I make videos btw, tell me what you think 💯)

  • Hibiscus Ocen
    Hibiscus Ocen 7 days ago+137

    SSSniperWolf: I'm so close to cutting my hair off!
    Me: NEVER!!! DON'T DON'T! Your hair is too pretty

  • Yonna Nation
    Yonna Nation 6 days ago+9

    i love you lia ive been watching you for over 2 years now and everytime im having a bad day all i have to do is click on your daily upload and hit that like button in the FACE! and ill be happy. i even got my mom into watching you. to us your are like a show that we get to watch every single day and sometimes twice. god bless you and your family and have a good night

  • Anime_Weeb 1357
    Anime_Weeb 1357 2 days ago+5

    I WOULD do the escalator prank just to steal someone's food...
    Judge me all you want.