BHAD BHABIE - "Thot Opps (Clout Drop) / Bout That" (Official Video Short) | Danielle Bregoli



  • Daniel Graf
    Daniel Graf 2 hours ago

    Straight fire

  • Nautica Alaniz
    Nautica Alaniz 7 hours ago


  • Aniesha 1203
    Aniesha 1203 10 hours ago

    love her or hate her,,,,,,,,,still u cant say that she cant rap. i mean can u really stand loren gray, jacob saggytitities or baby ariel?/

  • jem life
    jem life 12 hours ago

    If you love bhad bhabie like

  • Tia Kėnżø
    Tia Kėnżø 14 hours ago

    So....we ain’t gonna talk about the cop 😭

  • lucy goose
    lucy goose yesterday

    That blue fit cute as hell

  • Damon Reed
    Damon Reed yesterday

    I want that chain....😍 who else?

    KEON TANNEHILL 2 days ago


  • kadi martinez
    kadi martinez 2 days ago

    Love your songs

  • 青木豪
    青木豪 2 days ago

    bhad bhabie love

  • yvonne henry
    yvonne henry 2 days ago+1

    Lil tay is a thot

  • Tyjair Wilson
    Tyjair Wilson 2 days ago

    I don't know what you are n on

  • Reaper819
    Reaper819 3 days ago

    You are amazing and I love the song

  • Purple love
    Purple love 4 days ago

    People like her makes me realize that age really does NOT matter ( I'm 14 and getting anxiety by this )

  • GamingWith Maddie
    GamingWith Maddie 4 days ago

    All the 39k dislikes are cops

  • Daisy
    Daisy 4 days ago

    she been 15 for years.

  • semi.tasteful.salad_

    remember, dr phil made her

  • Jamieson Blackburn
    Jamieson Blackburn 4 days ago+1


  • Oliver Mckendry
    Oliver Mckendry 5 days ago

    To be fair I thought the very start of the vid was Vine 👌🏻😂

  • Stupid Racist Idiot Troll

    This child is 15 years old. She should be in school, not being a street hoe.