Depop SECRETS No One Tells You! How To Make LOTS OF MONEY, FAST Reselling!

  • Published on:  6/11/2019
  • Depop SECRETS no one tells you!! How To Make LOTS OF MONEY, FAST reselling! Follow me on Depop!
    How I Package and Ship My Depop Orders -
    How I Model and Take Depop Photos -
    Depop Buyer Etiquette -

    // Pick a Theme //
    - Decide what you want to sell.
    - Find an original aesthetic.
    - Keep things consistent.

    // Study Vintage //
    - Know the Worth of your merchandise (ebay, depop, google)
    - Use this site to help find the era's of vintage designer labels!

    There are seven things to look for when searching for vintage pieces and pricing them!
    #1: By Era
    #2: By Purchase Cost
    #3: By Trend
    #4: By Quality
    #5: By Availability
    #6: By Designer
    #7: By Season

    // Where to Find Clothes? //
    - Thrift Stores like Good Will, Salvation Army, Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Closets
    - Don’t be afraid to use DePop!

    // Taking Photos //
    - Good Quality
    - Good Lighting
    - Stay away from mirror pics.
    - Model and Flatlay your photos.
    - Include Model Stats
    - Measure Clothes

    // Shipping //
    - USPS or DePop (DePop send’s a label for you, USPS you print from PayPal)
    - Shipping from PayPal is what I do.
    - Ship from home! It’s more expensive to ship at the post office.
    - First Class can only go up to 13 ounces.
    - If your item is past 13 ounces, use domestic.
    - Buy bubble mailers and poly bags on Amazon! *will include links soon*
    - It’s nice to include goodies in your packages like stickers, hand written note cards, candy or freebies on large orders.
    - You can get free flat rate mailers and other free shipping supplies at the post office or order them online.
    Free USPS Supplies:
    Shipping Label Calculator:
    - Use the International calculator on USPS to see how much it costs to ship to places outside your country or plug in the international address using the create custom label on PayPal.
    - You can toggle on and off international shipping within the DePop app.
    (One things I was wrong about in the video is that you CAN put any weight in the blue usps boxes as long as your packages fit! I thought your packages had to be 13 ounces or less, but I was wrong.)

    // Bundles and Sales //
    - Depop offers bundles and a free shipping feature
    - Feel free to try percentages off for follows or other promotions you’re interested in offering.
    - Take negotiations if you want, but be mindful of low balls.

    // Things To Buy On Amazon //
    - Bubble Mailers
    - Poly Mailers
    - Thank You Stickers or Note Cards
    - Shipping Scale
    - Tissue Paper (I usually get mine at Dollar Tree.)
    - Shipping Label Paper

    Amazon Links:
    Poly Mailers -
    Shipping Label Printer Paper -

    00:00 - 03:00 Intro To DePop
    03:00 - 05:58 Picking a Theme/ Aesthetic
    05:58 - 11:06 Studying Vintage
    11:07 - 14:30 Where to Find Clothes to Sell
    14:30 - 25:05 Taking Photos
    25:05 - 42:18 Shipping
    42:18 - 48:54 Bundles and Sales
    48:54 - 49:20 Outro
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