Dallas Nagaram Udayinche Vela | | Chicago Subbarao

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Wanna go to Dallas? Alright lets take you there, watch this video for a hilarious take on the lifestyle of Indians in Dallas

    Cast: Prudhvi Raj Sampara, Raviteja Cherughattu, Rohit Reddy Devulapally, Janaki Sunanda, Sateesh Peddaihgari, Venkat Devineni, Hima Sagar Yemineni, Raghava Rao Meesala.

    Cinematography: Kalyan Chappidi

    Assisted by: Touch Screenz Productions(Rohit Posina, Dinesh Dasari), Srikanth Busetty

    Written and Directed by: Prudhvi Raj Sampara

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  • anitha ravali (Sep 16, 2018)

    I showed your previous video to my mom she really liked it. Infact she became your fans n saw all your videos. Since then I was waiting to show your next video. ..but unfortunately I lost her . Now I'm watching this video all alone. Love your videos. Good job anna

  • Minsuga Savishy (Apr 24, 2019)

    Sorry for ur loss stay strong sis all will be well

  • Siva K (Feb 9, 2019)

    Orei..... Dellas ni Hyderabad Ameerpet chesasu kadaraaa🤣😂🤣😂. Funny

  • sri nivaz (Sep 16, 2018)

    next video ‘rfe సమేత h1b వీసా ' ani cheyyandi bro

  • Smruthi Paladugu (Apr 7, 2019)

    Makishima Shogo. it is some kind of visa problem when they give u some time to provide some information and most of the time when u get it ur visa is rejected. My dad faced it.

  • Sony Rstu (Sep 16, 2018)

    Anna where is other Annalu....and team...🤔🤔🤔missing them😐. ....but this video 🤗 Just stolen our Hearts really ... 😘🤗🤗

  • JVR Buzz (Apr 24, 2019)

    Mari idhi Dallas kadha

  • Siva Charan (Dec 1, 2018)

    Yes... I too miss them

  • Surya Teja (Sep 16, 2018)

    Pandakki attarintiki vacce alludila vastav ANnaya nuv YouTube ki 😂

  • Amith Prem (Feb 12, 2019)


  • galeswararao devineni (Sep 17, 2018)

    Dallas puram...😂

  • Rithwik Sivanand (Feb 21, 2019)


  • Mahesh Manohara (Sep 16, 2018)

    Bro! Good one! Manchi script tho vachava...!!

  • shravan panguluri (Sep 17, 2018)

    to good bhaiyaa, especially climax keka and absolutely true

  • Gangineni Divya (Sep 16, 2018)

    After long tymm ....njoyed wid nice vedio bro...keep rockingg

  • Noothan Ellanki (Sep 20, 2018)

    hilarious ! You have amazing talent. keep it up. These videos can lighten any mood :)