2017 is the Best?

  • Published on:  12/12/2017
  • THE PROJECT FOR AWESOME FUNDRAISER IS LIVE: http://projectforawesome.com/donate So many great perks from your favorite Youtubers! (All money raised goes to Save the Children and Last Mile Helath.)
    Let me know in comments what the best of 2017 has been for you.
    The Project for Awesome: http://projectforawesome.com
    The fundraiser goes live at midnight tonight!!!

    If you're looking to understand big trends in global human life, I highly recommend Our World in Data, which has information on everything from child mortality to human height to greenhouse gas emissions to financing education: https://ourworldindata.org/

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  • New Look
    New Look 7 days ago


  • Family Wisher
    Family Wisher 16 days ago

    *Good activities*

  • Mia Jennings
    Mia Jennings 7 months ago

    2017 was sort of a good year for me.. but it was also pretty bad.
    Im happy with how many books i read last year though
    1000th comment sorry i had to

  • hahaudieddumb
    hahaudieddumb 8 months ago+1

    That baby hippopotemus is worth all the bad stuff...

  • whatareallofthis
    whatareallofthis 8 months ago

    "Wild polio virus..." as opposed to the domestic polio virus?

  • Rani L
    Rani L 8 months ago

    Or until you watch CNN.. then we are gonna DIE...

  • Darlington Brothers
    Darlington Brothers 8 months ago


  • NoahOfTheArc
    NoahOfTheArc 8 months ago

    Thanks John. I appreciate this video to keep things in perspective.

  • Oliver
    Oliver 8 months ago

    Hey where do you learn all of this information?

  • dreas mom
    dreas mom 8 months ago

    Another thumbs up👍

  • Create Wealth
    Create Wealth 8 months ago

    2017 was the best because of proliferation of blockchain technology..a revolution of biblical proportions is coming!

  • Amelia Ryczek
    Amelia Ryczek 9 months ago

    Thank you for including Fiona the Hippo cause she's the only reason I've made it this far.

  • Ibn Errik Rex
    Ibn Errik Rex 9 months ago


  • Terence Clark
    Terence Clark 9 months ago

    Em-dash!?!?! Em-dash!?!? The bane of my existence! John, do you know how many hours I spent trying to figure out why my code wouldn't recognize a database match because instead of a hyphen an auto-body shop used an em-dash?

  • Mike
    Mike 9 months ago

    mdash... :D

  • Marie B
    Marie B 9 months ago

    You had to say you graduated from high school in 1995. You're making me feel old, John...I GRADUATED IN 1996.

  • elizabeth espinoza
    elizabeth espinoza 9 months ago

    Net Neutrality R.I.P.

  • Ed McKenzie
    Ed McKenzie 9 months ago

    2017 has been great for me. No Obama, no Hillary, conservative supreme Court majority, everything you said, pretty awesome.

  • Jilybeanrb
    Jilybeanrb 9 months ago

    This is my favorite video you do every year <3

  • Briana Deeds
    Briana Deeds 9 months ago

    tell us what's happening in Myanmar!!