Every Way to Cook a Steak (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit

  • Published on:  9/27/2019
  • Obviously, a raw steak smoothie is the ideal way to enjoy a steak, but what are some other good methods? Join Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook a boneless ribeye steak in almost every way possible. Which method is the (second) best?

    Check out each of the methods here!

    tartare 0:38
    carpaccio 1:06
    smoothie 1:36
    seared 2:07
    seared and basted 2:38
    grilled steak 3:30
    cubed and skewered 3:48
    sliced and skewered 4:05
    thinly sliced stead 4:29
    toaster 4:47
    easy-bake 5:17
    laser 5:50
    stir-fried 6:44
    shaved and griddled 7:17
    steak burger 7:49
    hot rock 8:41
    coal cooked 8:55
    mummified steak 8:11
    boiled 9:32
    hot pot 10:04
    steamed 10:36
    braised 11:07
    sous vide 11:39
    baked 12:23
    broiled 12:55
    searzall 13:29
    on a stick 14:02
    afterburner 14:32
    george foreman 15:04
    infrared 15:44
    pan to oven 16:12
    pan to broiler 16:43
    reverse sear 17:13
    deep fried 17:46
    country fried 18:14
    freeze fried 18:48
    smoked 19:35
    microwave 20:10
    instant pot 20:34
    slow cook 21:07
    jerky 21:32
    dehydrated and seared 21:59

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    Every Way to Cook a Steak (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit