OMEGA GETS MARRIED! (A Fortnite Short Film)

  • Published on:  5/27/2018
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    At some crappy Fortnite Restaurant Rachael5 (aka Teknique) and Steve (aka The Noob Skin) come together and discuss Steve’s (aka The Default Skin) similar, but different appearance each day. Steve (aka The Default Skin) is fed up, since Rachael5 (aka Teknique) always brings this up, but regardless Rachael5 (aka Teknique) has dragged Steve (aka The Noob Skin) along today so that he can help her with a very important conversation that Rachael5 (aka Teknique) needs to have.

    Behind the counter at the restaurant Rachael5 (aka Teknique) and Steve (aka The Noob Skin) go to is none other than Rachael5’s (aka Teknique) boyfriend Omega! Omega tries to serve up chicken that smells like poor people to Rachael5 (aka Teknique) and Steve (aka The Default Skin), but only Steve (aka The Noob Skin) wants to try it.

    Suddenly, Rachael5 (aka Teknique) drops a bomb on her boyfriend Omega, they are breaking up! Rachael5 (aka Teknique) no longer wants to spend her life with Omega by her side. Rachael5 (aka Teknique) can’t just date someone like Omega who is working a minimum wage job serving stinky rotisserie chicken! Even though Rachael5 (aka Teknique) grew up poor on the streets herself, she can’t deal with this anymore. Rachael5 (aka Teknique) is a princess! Maybe when Omega gets back on his feet, he can give Rachael5 (aka Teknique) a call! But, is that really what this is all about?

    Turns out, Rachael5 (aka Teknique) has found someone else. Rachael5 (aka Teknique) is in love with Steve (aka The Noob Skin)! Even though Steve (aka The Noob Skin) attended Omega’s bar mitzvah, he stole Rachael5’s (aka Teknique) heart! Steve (aka The Default Skin) is an evil person! But, Steve (aka The Noob Skin) cant believe any of this, clearly Rachael5 (aka Teknique) is lying! Regardless, Rachael5 (aka Teknique) sprints out of the restaurant to start her new life without Omega. Steve (aka The Noob Skin) slowly backs out as well, to avoid the intense awkwardness of the situation.

    What will come of Rachael5 (aka Teknique) and Steve (aka The Default Skin)? Will Omega ever find a true love like Rachael5 (aka Teknique) again? Will Omega try, and succeed at winning back Rachael5’s (aka Teknique) heart? Will Omega come after Steve (aka The Noob Skin) for stealing Rachael5 (aka Teknique) from him? Will Omega finally cave in and download Tinder? Watch this episode to find out!