Trump's Wall Has Changed a Lot: A Closer Look

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • Seth takes a closer look at President Trump's primetime address on the government shutdown that he started over his border wall.» Subscribe to Late Night:» Get more Late Night with Seth Meyers:» Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers Weeknights 12:35/11:35c on NBC.LATE NIGHT ON SOCIALFollow Late Night on Twitter: Late Night on Facebook: Late Night on Tumblr: with Late Night on Google+: Night with Seth Meyers on YouTube features A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy, and topical monologue jokes.NBC ON SOCIAL Like NBC: NBC: Tumblr: Pinterest: Google+: Instagram:'s Wall Has Changed a Lot: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers Night with Seth Meyers


  • Marcus Levis 6 months ago

    Andy got me....i only watch online closer look lol

  • Maiya Coles 3 months ago

    Me too

  • William Carter 4 months ago

    I think Andy was pointless in this Closer Look segment.

  • GREY Wolf 6 months ago

    Trump has had two years of republican control in the senate and congress to force American taxpayers to fund his wall, the wall that HE promised over and over that Mexico would pay for, and now he blames democrats and the media for not getting his wall funded. Pretty easy to see why Putin supports Mango Mussolini, he's a flipping idiot.

  • Hayes Dabney 6 months ago

    The sad thing is, those guys who stand behind Drumpf when he`s lying, used to be respected politicians. Now, they will never be viewed the same, and history books will record when this transformation took place.

  • stonesforlife 6 months ago

    Respected? For what? Most of his yes men and women have never been in politics before.

  • Angelofmusic Wonder 6 months ago

    We'll said..

  • markmac 6 months ago

    if he touched my kid like that, i'd break his teeny tiny hands

  • Raoul Fleckman 6 months ago

    @poolplayer poolplayer . . . It's leftist to protect children from a monster? No wonder you idiots take the low road every chance you get.

  • Eric Larkin 6 months ago

    Trump doesn't understand that people can actually remember things that are said... Or apparently what cameras do.

  • Oliver Xu 5 months ago

    @poolplayer poolplayer The point is that the Repubicans are worse than the Democrats in almost every single way right now, you fucking idiot.

  • Robert Pelletier 6 months ago

    Usually only if it fits their narrative.

  • prometheus660 6 months ago

    Most Americans want border security. Even die hard liberals like myself. I just want resources to be spent on things that actually work. The only thing a 15ft wall will do is create a market for a 16ft ladder.

  • Cathy L 6 months ago

    nomadicgrenada ... 👍

  • BlackAdder665 6 months ago

    How big has your stupidity or your hatred (or both) have to be to still support Trump? I just don't get it. It's really like in the old German/Swiss saying: "Nur die allerdümmsten Kälber wählen ihre Metzger selber", which roughly translates: "Only the stupidest calves elect their own butchers"

  • BlackAdder665 6 months ago

    That! ;-)

  • stonesforlife 6 months ago

    Turkeys voting for thanksgiving.

  • XTheProtagonistX 6 months ago

    'Why does he hold the kid up like that!?"Because he has never held a child in his life.

  • Smuckers T  2 months ago

    But he's been one all his life

  • dan meme 6 months ago

    He shows disrespect and arrogance constantly. He holds the kid up there like the kid doesn't matter, its just a kid kind of thing. He's always proving he thinks he is above everyone else and shows his true colors.

  • Michael Mara 6 months ago

    Are we great now? Not yet? Okay, I’ll check back later.

  • Jermel Matthias 6 months ago

    @Charles S. Indeed, funny how people forget history in order to be self-righteous

  • pleravens 6 months ago

    @MetalDetroit look at the 2014 economic data.