9 Most MYSTERIOUS Treasures That Can Still Be Found!

  • Published on:  5/14/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! Have you ever fantasized about finding a lost treasure, or even gone out and looked for it? From mysterious codes to crack leading to bars of gold to lost jewels, here are 9 treasures that can still be found!!

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    9. The Fenn Treasure
    Millionaire author and art collector Forrest Fenn was diagnosed with cancer and vowed to hide a treasure chest containing some of his most valuable possessions sometime before he died. Fenn survived and is now in his 80’s! In 2010, he buried an antique lock box full of goodies somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

    8. Treasure Of Lima
    After conquering the Incan empire in the 16th century, the Spanish accumulated massive wealth, which they stored in Lima, Peru until 1820. That year, they moved the treasure out of the city in an effort to save it during a revolt. British Captain William Thompson was charged with the task of sailing around with the treasure aboard his ship, the Mary Dear, until the revolt ended.

    7. The Golden Owl
    Known by the French name La Chouette d’Or, the golden owl is supposedly hidden in the French countryside. It weighs 33 pounds, is made of solid gold and silver, and has a diamond-encrusted head. Someone going by the pseudonym Max Valentin hid the item in 1993 and promised one million francs to whoever finds it. To help treasure hunters pinpoint the golden owl’s location, Valentin provided 11 clues.

    6. The Legend Of El Dorado
    “El Dorado” is Spanish for “golden one.” Colombia’s Lake Guatavita is recognized as the site of the El Dorado legend. According to the story, thousands of years ago, the newly-appointed leader of the Muisca tribe covered himself in gold dust, traveled to the middle of the lake on a wooden raft, jumped in, and threw treasures into the water to honor the gods.

    5. Scepter Of Dagobert
    The Scepter of Dagobert was one of the French crown jewels. A scepter is an ornamented staff carried by rulers on ceremonial occasions. It dates back to the seventh century, measures 22 inches (55.9 cm) long, and is made of solid gold. It was made from three parts: the rod, a hand holding the world, and a statue on top, the latter of which is the oldest component.

    4. The Florentine Diamond
    The Florentine Diamond goes by several names, including the Tuscany Diamond, the Austrian Diamond, and the Austrian Yellow Diamond. It’s light yellow with green overtones and is believed to be of Indian origin. However, only some drawings and a few black-and-white photos of the diamond are known to still exist, so even its dimensions are somewhat of a mystery.

    3. The Beale Ciphers
    In 1816, a man named Thomas Beale and some companions came across large amounts of gold and silver while mining in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe. Way before Fenn’s treasure, but maybe that’s what inspired the location!

    2. Leon Trabuco’s Gold
    Mexican businessman and millionaire Leon Trabuco arranged a series of mysterious flights to the New Mexico desert during the early 1930s. (Popular place, huh?) Rumor had it that he had conspired with his business partners to hide a vast amount of Mexico’s gold reserves while waiting for the precious metal’s price to soar, so they could sell it to the United States.

    1. The Lost Treasure Of Dutch Schultz
    Dutch Schultz was a Prohibition-era gangster who died at the hands of a rival gang in a Newark, New Jersey tavern in 1935, during the Great Depression. During his final moments, Schultz uttered a statement about an alleged treasure his bodyguard, Bernard Rosenkrantz, had buried in New York State’s Catskill Mountains.