The Super Cars of Beverly Hills

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • If it weren't for all the crazy Californians, California would be a pretty nice place. Jk, love ya Californians! Your cars ARE crazy though.New airsoft guns here!!! help answer som FAQsMy main camera Drone I Use Hero5 Session Best Tripod you with a fresh daily episode every 3 days or so.........Music:


  • devonjones 9 months ago

    That Saab was a Jaguar F-Pace. Saab has been gone for ages.

  • SPENCE4REAL 7 months ago

    I died inside

  • Abteilol 9 months ago

    and the car before the bently was in fact a porsche.

  • dolly llama 9 months ago

    Fancy or not the retail price of the Ford Raptor is the price of most range rovers or mercedes etc. Your fancy Matt, youre just redneck fancy and happen to have better taste(;

  • Thomas Lavoie 8 months ago

    Only if you are talking about the base model mercedes cause if you want a real fancy mercedes its MINIMUM 100k

  • Liam93 9 months ago

    Youtoob monayyy .

  • Ben Wright 9 months ago

    You had better not have been doing anything with the reality show. Seriously, don’t. Please.

  • Kendrick Wittmer 9 months ago

    Please god no

  • Swampy 9 months ago

    @someone bevause its not ever done right. That would be a sellout. Reality shows are never reality. He usues his visionnfor these videos, a rrality show is controlled by someone else, his vision would be desyroyed because they dont care. They want ratings, next they will be cancling his family out because they dont "fit the show"

  • Superman 9 months ago

    That intro 😂

  • rcg adventure 9 months ago

    How you tell if mushrooms are poisons, you give them to someone to eat, and if they don’t fall over dead you know there alright!

  • Marek T 9 months ago

    Does not look that green to me ... but it all depends on camera color correction so only Matt knows.

  • Daniel Martin 9 months ago

    Looks more like Chlorophyllum molybdites to me.

  • rcg adventure 9 months ago

    4:00 did you see the security Guard giving a massage!

  • Liam93 9 months ago

    Probably cooked out of his head.

  • Antix619 9 months ago

    Oh yeah! California, Home of the random sidewalk back massage

  • Stephen Pierce 9 months ago

    Your the beverly hillbilys lol

  • Advocatus Diaboli 9 months ago

    S.RobertsSpelling communist.

  • Bryce Chapman 9 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Tim Bo 9 months ago

    He was sent to a farm, umm, far away.... IN THE SKY

  • Midhiyan 9 months ago

    Really poetic way to say deadAin't it

  • Rich Savage 9 months ago

    @Miranda Brooks That racoon killed his chicken, that chicken feeds Matt's family

  • Kevin wooten 9 months ago

    Don't worry my wife thinks i'm an idiot also

  • Lupus ad Dei 9 months ago

    Same here! Changed wife, nothing changed there!

  • Kamikaze DaMutt 9 months ago

    if your wife don;t think your a idiot, you're doing it wrong

  • Justin Ott 9 months ago

    *Sees Jaguar*That's a Saab!EDIT: 1:29