RB ROCK Special: Deep Purple in The Voice

  • Published on:  7/21/2018
  • Today I'm bringing a special video, a compilation with perfomances of Deep Purple songs in The Voice, in the case they are 5 different songs of this band that marked the history of the rock, all the songs are in blind auditions and I did not take perfomances that already had used in the channel, then they are presentations that never appeared in this channel, for a great sign perfomances, we have songs from albums like Machine Head and Burn, enjoy this tribute to this great band.

    Below the information of the singers
    Andry Lagiou - Burn (The Voice of Greece)
    Anthony Monderie Larouche - Highway Star (The Voice Canada)
    Serkan Soyak - Smoke On The Water (The Voice Turkey)
    Zsuzsana Cerveni - Mistreated (The Voice Romania)
    Stelios Psarogiannis - When a blind man cries (The Voice of Greece)