Tokyo’s Nabe Soup & Street Food Festival | Japanese Winter Cuisine

  • Published on:  11/30/2018
  • What is nabe (鍋)? It’s a pot to cook things in and it also means SOUP or STEW or as we say in Japanese — nabe. This festival is highlighting nabe from many areas of Japan this weekend. Let’s try some!


  • mary poppins 7 months ago

    Just woken up and watching this video with my youngest son (6). He and i both agree we need to come to Japan and eat this delicous food. Great work as always John😌love from New Zealand

  • John West 14 days ago

    Well John you just found a new episode next show ? What: do they do with the fireworks they cancel in.

  • Titis Haq a months ago

    I heard lindsey stirling-Roundabout Table at 34.28

  • mudcrutched1 7 months ago

    I remember all the festivals and food. In Iwakuni, Nobi, Yokosuka, Atsugi, and Yokohama( Nigishi)

  • 4ever808 7 months ago

    Thanks for making me so jealous! I so wanted to be there trying the different nabemono.

  • Aragmar Verilian 7 months ago

    The magic of Nabe :D The people are so lively, absolutely awesome :P

  • Erminio Franco 6 months ago

    The old guy in back of you his hair is standing up LMAO

  • elly luv 7 months ago

    Shout out from Michigan! Love your foodie adventures ♡

  • Kefumna Anmufek 7 months ago

    Buy a stick of meat then can snack while checking out the various nabe.

  • Aiken 7 months ago

    I’ve just had breakfast but watching this my mouth is watering 🤤🤤🤤