Bronny James 1st 360 DUNK!! Bronny Gets HEATED vs Trae Young's Team! Blue Chips Put To The TEST!

  • Published on:  4/13/2019
  • Bronny James and the North Coast Blue Chips faced off against Trae Young Elite in their second game of the Made Hoops "The Warmup Event". Bronny showed us his new dunk package during warm ups too!-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If You Love Our Content, You’ll Love Our Brand, Shop With us:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shop: Us On Social!---------------------------------INSTAGRAM: Out Our Other Channels:--------------------------------------------------Main Channel: 2.0: Highlights: Highlights: Highlights: South Highlights:


  • Breezy 3 months ago

    Can we all agree the refs were kinda bad in this game?!

  • Hillsendz 808 2 months ago

    I feel like bronny gets better every year

  • nikki 2 months ago


  • Kelly Oubre’s Son 3 months ago

    why the other team talking to jahzare like he doesn’t have a foot and 150 pounds on them 😂

  • Kelly Oubre’s Son 2 months ago

    LurKing you’re still missing my point you’re acting like the big dude always loses and you’re acting like Jahazare is retarded. You also assume these little kids are fighting professionals in the mma with perfect technique. Most of these little niggas probably never did boxing or any type of combat sport. More than 90% of the time kids fight if one is that much bigger than the other they win. You actually dumb asf if you think everyone on that team could drop him 1v1 in a fight

  • LurKing 2 months ago

    @Kelly Oubre’s Son Once again them being shorter means absolutely dog shit when they hit him in his kneecaps when he trys to "tackle" them. Like I said size means shit if you don't know how to use it go look up countless boxing matches where the taller and fatter guy got waxed by the quicker and smarter fighter. It's ignorant to count someone out because they're short.

  • LeBeautiful 3 months ago

    Bronny's slowly getting his perks on his Dunk Package! Loving the challenges that are being faced by the Blue Chips, it not only tests them, but encourages them to get better. #LaFamila 👩‍👩‍👦‍👦🏀👑

  • Dripzy OTE 3 months ago

    Jukiozito 6 u prolly just sit around and watch anime all day like what kind of name is that??

  • Dripzy OTE 3 months ago

    Rezka i know im the one hating but still lol

  • Jeremy Viray 3 months ago

    The white kid actually nice with it😖💯

  • Darrien Wallace 19 days ago

    ChiefBangz not even that deep bro. We are just naturally better than everyone at everything... why do y’all thinkPeople hate us so much

  • Darrien Wallace 19 days ago

    Jack Dougard because it’s facts

  • Naufal miladi 3 months ago

    Bigman post up*Nobody : Reff : Travel, offensive foul

  • Markopolo Raine 2 months ago

    Maximilian Mus we’re watching through phone and those weren’t clean at all lmao

  • DredHed Kingpin 2 months ago

    @Limit Breaker X nah. bad call. Watch it again. He gathered and drop stepped. His pivot foot was on the floor the whole time then he jumped off both feet on the shot. Horrible refs.

  • josephine Ohin 3 months ago

    Jahzare too slow for C position and where is rayvon griffin

  • JagzeyIOS 2 months ago

    NasTakeFlight bro I’m 12 and 5’8”. You just naturally weigh more than people ur age and he ain’t slow cuz of weight

  • Floyd Wang 3 months ago

    8:12 Boi really want a Lebron signature

  • Miracle Ahuini 2 months ago

    Good game😈😈

  • The Watcher 3 months ago

    6:11 my man better have been checking out those shoes and nothing else 😤

  • Notorious Nutter 2 months ago

    He smellin sum

  • Caleb Rollins 3 months ago

    Am I the only one that gets hyped AF when I hear BALL IS LIFE!

  • Knock Hello 3 months ago


  • TRUTH PUSHA 3 months ago

    Shut the fuck up

  • Hayden Jenkins 13 days ago

    Can we just all agree when Gabe cupps shoots a shot it’s really satisfying. Also Gabe is #23

  • John Camara 3 days ago