• Published on:  9/16/2018
  • Mini CRAYFISH for the MASSIVE fish Aquarium...

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    Camera Gear: Canon G7x Mark ii

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  • Paul Cuffaro
    Paul Cuffaro  2 months ago+207

    The BLUE LOBSTER is home! Once the cichilds grow to Adult size, I may have to relocate her/him into a new aquarium BUT for now she/he is doing GREAT!😊

  • wian victor
    wian victor yesterday


  • The Palmers
    The Palmers 2 days ago

    hi guys loving your videos and wanted to no if you did a video on community fish x

  • Agent8 Splatoon2agent

    Where’s your beta fishes please reply back

  • lego information tv
    lego information tv 10 days ago

    The white lobster is making a sign that it is his land

  • Marco PHAM
    Marco PHAM 15 days ago


  • Darya Smirnova
    Darya Smirnova 15 days ago

    Get one red Lobster eventually because they could live with your Oscars

  • Carson's Outdoors
    Carson's Outdoors 16 days ago

    It is a she because of small claws

  • Creed Fox
    Creed Fox 16 days ago


  • Trevor Cole
    Trevor Cole 20 days ago

    Getting one of these Blue Lobsters in two weeks, they look amazing

  • Rekha Verma
    Rekha Verma 20 days ago

    What the fuck

  • Terry Waters
    Terry Waters 21 days ago

    Paul you have inspired me to make a pond. Keep up the good work.AWESOME!

  • Element_Neon 85
    Element_Neon 85 23 days ago+1

    Wow a blue Lobster amazing nice video pc i loved it

  • Waylon Garrett
    Waylon Garrett 27 days ago


  • Cyrex 火
    Cyrex 火 29 days ago

    $20 and I’m doing it as long as I’m able to wash it down with clean water after and drink some mouth wash 😂

  • Bin Lin
    Bin Lin a months ago

    My fish have long and white thing on bottom it don,t like to eat anymore .what medicine I need to use anybody know it , please tell me thank you so much

  • Rochelle Unidad
    Rochelle Unidad 1 months ago

    I think the white lobster are making a nest

  • Aayan Kashif
    Aayan Kashif 1 months ago

    Are the crab still alive

  • HAMADA vlog
    HAMADA vlog 1 months ago

    Peace be upon you I follow you with all love from Morocco and I like very much everything I do, I wish you success

  • Nam Nguyen Amy Nguyen
    Nam Nguyen Amy Nguyen 1 months ago

    If you want to tell if male or female. Female crayfish has small pinchers like the blue one you have and that white one is a male