Cow Hoof Jello Soup aka Khash - Why Would You Eat That?

  • Published on:  2/8/2013
  • In this Why Would You Eat That?, the boys help the office beat the winter cold (albeit in the parking lot) with khash. Khash is a traditional dish not only in Armenia, but in various countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia & the Middle East. It's made of boiled down cow hooves & served it with vodka. Lots & lots of Vodka. Subscribe to Tasted for fun:

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    The main ingredient in khash is cow's feet, but people take a lot of time and care to remove all the hair and clean those feet up. It's quite a process to get all the gelatin out of the hoof! The feet are soaked to remove dirt and general stinkiness and then boiled overnight until a thick broth forms and the meat has separated from the hooves. It may sound gross but did you know Jello was made from hooves as well? So you probably have eaten hooves yourself more than you'd like to admit! Though when making khash, other fun parts of the cow like head and intestines are often used as well. It tastes pretty bland by itself, so people usually season khash with lemon, salt and vinegar. Oh and the vodka helps it all go down.

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