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  • Published on:  9/18/2018
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  • Cut
    Cut  11 months ago+3644

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    Karlos - @karlosdillard
    Rayne - @rayneereign
    Katalina - @katalinabiondi
    Dae - @daeshikjr

  • Michely Alba
    Michely Alba 3 months ago+6081

    I knew the homeless guy was one of those rich IT guys that don’t like to dress up

  • Levi Levi
    Levi Levi 3 months ago+2895

    Honestly I like the old guy he's pretty funny

  • Noah Philip
    Noah Philip 3 months ago+2363

    Guy : I have iPhone 9
    Apple wants to know your location

  • Sparx 141
    Sparx 141 4 months ago+6642

    Anyone gonna realized that the guy said he has a iPhone 9😂

  • ilikemonkeys
    ilikemonkeys 11 months ago+3837

    what's this tattoo?
    "Oh just a memory of when my first wife tried to stab me to death"

  • Shravya Shetty
    Shravya Shetty 3 months ago+1087

    Next time my teacher asks me what I wanna be
    Me: Hairdresser at Microsoft

  • AloisBlazit 005
    AloisBlazit 005 4 months ago+1396

    Somehow i knew the brokest looking guy would be one of the wealthiest

  • j w
    j w 4 months ago+4453

    The exterminator guy definitely sells hard drugs on the low and makes upwards of 10 million a year

  • AssasionKillerXl AssasionKillerXl

    Who else feels bad for the exterminator he seemed nice but they seemed kinda rude and mean to him just cause he is not like a peoples person

  • Lenna Suminski
    Lenna Suminski 4 months ago+417

    ok but i love the grandpa

  • Akinola Kolawole
    Akinola Kolawole 3 months ago+264

    "If it walks, crawls or flies, we will kill it!" that one sentence had me rolling.

  • Hansa Roos
    Hansa Roos 3 months ago+405

    12:35 the exterminator guy wanted to laugh so bad but he kept it in to maintain his badassnes.

  • Rocky jet Daguyen
    Rocky jet Daguyen 3 months ago+650

    exterminator: "If it Walks, crawls, and fly's we will kill it."
    How much for my ex then?

  • Mistery of Universe
    Mistery of Universe 3 months ago+1453

    When a guy comes in and says he works for fun- you know he’s German

  • Bubbles Sunnyvale
    Bubbles Sunnyvale 3 months ago+225

    The Exterminator was the coolest.

  • xdSwerveZz
    xdSwerveZz 4 months ago+2394

    The Asian guy with the man bun is hilarious:
    Whispers: "wHy DiD hE dO tHaT?"

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe 1 months ago+124

    that old dude is kinda cool. german upbringing, stands like a soldier, says we will kill everything that crawls or flies etc. hes the most interesting of the bunch

  • jebs son
    jebs son 4 months ago+731

    ive never felt so broke in my life after watching this vid

  • freya epps :/
    freya epps :/ 4 months ago+458

    i’m weirdly attracted to the asian guy that makes $25K