I Was Asked To Babysit An Unknown Boy. Turned Out He Was My Half-brother

  • Published on:  8/6/2019


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    Hello, my name is Natalie, and a year ago everything in my family changed completely... because it turns out that my father had an illegitimate son!

    One day I was at home while my parents were still at work. Someone knocked at the door. I opened it, and there stood a grandma and a little boy, he was like 5 years old. The boy waved to me and ran into the house. I was confused, and this old woman explained that he would stay for a couple of hours, that my parents would be fine with it, and that I should look after him. I was like “What?” but this mysterious grandma was already leaving. Okay... I guess?
    The boy’s name was Joshua, and he was a very nice and well-behaved boy. I played with him for a while and made him a sandwich. He kept asking me “When will daddy come home?” I was super-confused. I called my parents, and they didn’t answer at first, but then my dad finally answered and he was NOT happy to hear about what had happened.

    Soon my parents came home, and they looked at this kid like he was some kind of mythical creature. They were just STARING at him. They went to the kitchen area, completely ignored the kid, and started whispering. My mom was extremely angry and my dad was basically panicking. They tried to keep it quiet, but it was clear that something weird was happening.
    At some point Joshua shyly made his way toward my father and asked him “Are you my daddy?” He continued to ask him questions, but dad just kept... staring at the boy, it was like he was scared of him. Mom was covering her face with her hand in embarrassment.
    Joshua... tried to hug my dad, but instead of hugging him back, dad was stiff and not really responding in any way. He was just... standing there. Joshua got upset and confused and he kept looking at me, and dad, and mom. I felt sorry for him, but most of all, I was trying to figure out what was really happening.

    Soon, the old lady returned to take poor, confused Joshua home. My mom was so angry that she could barely look at the old woman, but she was trying to hide it. My father raised his voice at her, asking what she thought she was doing. She calmly answered, “You should take responsibility for your actions. If you want to see your son, here is my address.” She gave him a piece of paper and left. Joshua waved his hand to all of us in desperation, but I was the only one who waved back at him.

    I immediately asked a bunch of questions, but my parents were ignoring me, continuing to quietly argue with each other. My mom took the paper with the address from my father, crumpled it, and threw it into the trash. After that, she went to her room and dad followed, ignoring any questions I had.
    I went to my room, and tried to listen to my parents through a wall. But let’s be honest - it was clear what happened. I couldn’t believe that my father could cheat... Knowing I wouldn’t get any answers from my parents, I picked up the address from the trash.

    A few days later I went to the old lady’s house. She had the same face as before - she was always calm and collected. I asked her if I could see my... brother, and she nodded.
    When I went into Joshua’s room, he was super happy to see me and he hugged me. He was such a sweet boy. He immediately started to show me all of his toys and drawings and we played games and it was very sweet, except for the parts when he would ask...uncomfortable questions like, “When will daddy come?”, “Are you my sister?”, “Was that my mom?”
    I liked playing with him, but I couldn’t give him any answers to his questions. Finally he was so tired, he fell asleep. The old woman asked if I wanted some tea and I decided that it was a good time to finally find out what happened.

    I was ready to ask her so many questions, but she decided to tell me everything herself, without trying to hide any details. It turns out that my father had had an affair with her daughter, who was in her twenties... I was so shocked because I never knew anything about this, but I suddenly remembered how my parents were stressed and angry about five years ago. My mom definitely knew about it…
    So their affair ended when this woman got pregnant and my father didn’t want anything to do with it. The woman herself was broken by this and she never wanted the child so she... moved somewhere else without leaving a trace, she didn't even tell her mother where she was going.

    Stubborn as she was, the old woman decided to raise her grandson herself and not contact my father in any way. Well, together with her husband. She got a bit more emotional when she was talking about him - he was a very kind-hearted person. But he died a few months ago, and it was too difficult to raise a kid all by herself...

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