How Scientists Are Saving South Africa’s Painted Dogs | Part of the Pack

  • Published on:  4/19/2021
  • The African Wild dog has been nearly hunted to extinction, but these conservationists are united packs across South Africa to boost their diversity and save the species.
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    South Africa is filled with all kinds of animals, but how many of you have heard of this one? The African Wild Dog –also known as the African Painted dog – because of its unique coat.

    You may have not heard of them because this species has been seen as a pest to the region, so much so, they’ve been hunted to near extinction. But now, conservationists are working towards building the pack's biodiversity and,ultimately, saving the species.

    This next film by director Emily Cross is called Part of the Pack. Make sure to stick around after the credits to hear from the filmmaker herself.


    Featured team:
    Director and Producer: @emscsomething
    Production Company/Film Page: @partofthepackdoccie
    DOP & Colourist: @barryfromwedge
    Cole Du Plesis: @conservationist_cole
    Fiona Evans: @fi.evans7
    Wildlife Act: @wildlife_act


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