The End of Quality Menswear? Why Iconic Brands are Dying

  • Published on:  3/19/2021
  • Find out where quality menswear stands in today's society and what brought the industry to where it is today:


    → Cashmere Wool Grenadine Tie in Blue, Burgundy, Grey Stripe:
    → White Linen Pocket Square with Navy Blue X Stitch:
    → Madder Silk Tie in Dark Red Macclesfield Neats:
    → Brown & Green Shadow Stripe Socks:
    → Burgundy Shoelaces Flat Waxed:
    → Reversible Scarf in Burgundy & Blue Motifs and Paisley:
    → Wool Challis Bow Tie in Turquoise Blue with Diamond:
    → Ivory Spray Rose Boutonniere:
    → Two-Tone Knit Tie in Navy and Light Blue:
    → Petrol Blue and Off-White Driving Gloves:
    → Wine Red Medallion Pocket Square:

    → Does “Made In” Matter?:
    → Cotton Explained:
    → Brooks Brothers:
    → What to Buy from Ralph Lauren:
    → Capsule Wardrobe Guide for Men:
    → Business Casual Capsule Wardrobe:
    → How to Build a Sustainable Menswear Wardrobe:
    → $4 vs. $40 Socks:
    → 6 Should You Wear Pleated Pants?:
    → My Top 10 Men’s Style Books:
    → Chrome Tanned vs. Vegetable Tanned Leather:
    → Linen Explained:
    → My Winter Coat Collection:
    → Thrift Shopping Tips:

    → Script: Jack Collins & Sven Raphael Schneider
    → Camera: Chris Dummer
    → Editing: Jonathan Oster


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    Gentleman's Gazette

    00:00 Quality Menswear Introduction

    Over the years, quality menswear from famous brands has declined, and such change is true in other areas of consumer goods as well.

    The answer to why the average clothes today are of less high-quality than they were 40 or 50 years ago is complicated and manifold. But, it involves elements such as the change in consumer tastes, free trade agreements, and the popularization of artificial fibers.

    The market has replied to the different demands of the consumer. And so, no one is really to blame, and at the same, time everyone is.

    01:47 History of The Decline In Quality Menswear
    Even though the last 30 years have seen an acceleration in the decline of quality, if you take a look at history, it dates further back and starts in the mid-19th century.
    02:54 ► The Industrial Revolution
    04:05 ► The Machine Age
    05:18 ► Post-Industrialization
    06:05 ► The Beginning of Fast-Fashion
    06:59 ► Globalization and The Digital Age

    08:06 Menswear Today
    The average person in the US just spends about 3% of their available income on clothing, which is the lowest it has ever been.

    09:18 Acceleration of Fast-Fashion
    There are still many brands such as Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren, who benefit from the perception that they sell only high-quality goods, but even they have been part of the race to lower the quality.

    10:59 Understanding Quality Menswear
    Something that is thought through to a better degree, that is manufactured in a smarter, more purposeful way, that uses more high-quality ingredients, and something that outlasts other things of a similar nature.

    Choosing Quality Menswear
    16:05 1. Determine Your Personal Style
    16:49 2. Determine What You Frequently Wear & What Fits Well
    17:02 3. Learn What Constitutes Quality
    19:04 4. Read Labels & Seek Out Natural Materials
    21:12 5. Save Up for Versatile Pieces
    21:34 6. Consider Cost per Wear
    22:04 7. Evaluate The Entire Customer Experience
    23:48 8. Take Care of Your Clothes

    24:05 Outfit Rundown