• Tyler Stewart
    Tyler Stewart 14 days ago

    I will be invisible in 90 years or less because I will be dead

  • Watermelon Rhine
    Watermelon Rhine 23 days ago

    I used to have a pet flying squirrel named Jack ☺

  • Cookie Pup
    Cookie Pup 23 days ago

    im bored can I play roblox??? PLEASE!!!!! thx

  • Sakshi Aware
    Sakshi Aware 28 days ago

    I like your vidois

  • Zaptaa- Rekt
    Zaptaa- Rekt 1 months ago


  • Zaptaa- Rekt
    Zaptaa- Rekt 1 months ago


  • Jocelyn Ramsey
    Jocelyn Ramsey 1 months ago

    It's not magic it's normal to us talking is normal but it's magic to them

  • Gabino Gonzalez
    Gabino Gonzalez 1 months ago

    Wait that bird can go fast as a bullet

  • Ong Jie
    Ong Jie 1 months ago

    the animals can do their own ability but not super powers :/

  • Ong Jie
    Ong Jie 1 months ago

    wow fake

  • Callum Lambert
    Callum Lambert 1 months ago+1

    Please do a face reveal i subbed and liked all you vids

  • SneakyWolf Gaming
    SneakyWolf Gaming 2 months ago+1

    not really flying squirrel its gliding squirrel and he its like batman and batman can't fly daaaaaa

  • Katrina bianca Eronico


  • mylissa matson
    mylissa matson 2 months ago

    Ta ba ro

  • Aqil POYA
    Aqil POYA 2 months ago

    It’s not call a flying squirrel! It’s called a SUGAR GLIDER! **just clearing that up**

  • Alexplayz -
    Alexplayz - 2 months ago

    My superpower is running,eating and pooping

  • Marc Walters
    Marc Walters 2 months ago

    Gecko is my favourite animals

  • Pepper Kid
    Pepper Kid 2 months ago

    Geccos are every where in my house so its not rare for me

  • Richard Schlottmann
    Richard Schlottmann 2 months ago

    They’re called abilities

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee 2 months ago

    Wednesday, July 11, 2018.
    All human being have a soul and the soul have the ability to fly. We are flying every night during sleep. It is our soul. Our soul is a restless monkey. The soul leaves the body and go out all over the world and even into space traveling to explore. One day my soul returned to my body and the Eyes of the soul caught a mass murder scene. I saw those murders before I saw on the news. Prior to knowing this, I had thought it was a dream. But it wasn't. an Angel communicated with me that I could fly. But did not tell how. I had thought my physical body could fly. Then one day, my soul encountered three demons who was living in my previous resident and was not able to come into my body. It was so strange that I was able to see the soul struggled to enter my body. Once it got in, I was physically struggling with the demons. Once the soul comes in I was able to see what was trying to strangle me. My father who had to do this many nights and all his life to my mother quickly recognized the problem and saved me from two female demons. We are living with demons and never knew they existed. Most people don't even believe in them. Thus, the experts of mental illness often mistaken people to have mental illness and misdiagnosed some people when people talk about them. There are three living in my previous resident. But it was always two female who was doing the attacking while the male one was laughing. God gave us an ability to see demons so that we can help protect ourself. There is only one God and he has to cares for all of us. Thus, why God gave us certain abilities to better help him protects us. In this way, we can do a little being careful. Each human has four Angels who are a special task force who have the strength and ability to fight off the demons who steals human souls. The demons took the souls to use to build their army to fight God's Angels. When we died, the Angels will come for us to collect our souls. We will be put in a special high-speed vehicle to take us to a section in Heaven where we will go through a process before returning to Earth.
    To all the evil-doer, you will not enter this place if you do evil. You go straight to a place in Hell where you will be locked up to make sure that demons do not take your soul. There you will stay to be punishment. You will be kept there for a long time because you are allowed to return to Earth. The knowledge I learned while in heaven allowed me to see what are true on Earth. The story about the flood was not something I don't believe. Because at the age of 8 I met God and Angels. Now I was told that a great flood much greater than before will kill most human beings. Those who survived will suffer. But there are those who survived who do not suffer. The Earth will stay flooded for a very long time. There is a WWW 3, but God stops it by flooding the Earth. I was giving a chance to go to heaven to stay until God made a new world. I saw this new world. God sent Angels to try to convince me to go. The Angel projected three futures for me to see. Two futures I will live and suffers if I stayed. The world is corrupted by demons who go into human beings to cause us to fight each other. If we are to avoid this, we have to fight evil. We have to cast evil out of those human being in government. The leaders are the one who will destroy our world. Among the government are evil human beings who are being controlled by demons. They will cause WWW 3. Thus, God had to flood the Earth to stop destructions to Earth and lives on Earth. I made a choice to stay because I am hoping that I can help prevent this from happening. My family is also the reason why I have chosen to stay.