The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS Is a Gorgeous Sport Sedan

  • Published on:  1/3/2019


    The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS is a gorgeous, sporty sedan. Today I'm reviewing the new 2019 CLS and I'm going to show you everything you need to know about the Mercedes CLS -- including its quirks and features, as well as its driving experience.

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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  20 days ago+2652

    NOTE! I mentioned this CLS450 has a V6, but it's actually a straight six. My mistake!

    SEAN PAGE 3 hours ago

    I love you Doug because your a guy who knows cars and knows what they’re talking about unlike some guys at the dealerships that have no clue what they are talking about most of the guys who work at dealerships don’t know much about cars

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval 4 hours ago


  • Jørgen Grøstad
    Jørgen Grøstad 7 hours ago the svipe button on the right controls the multimedia song changes. GOTCHA

  • regular _
    regular _ 16 hours ago

    I actually got a little mad when doug said "it has a V6" :D

  • Lucien Liu
    Lucien Liu yesterday

    Can u do BMW 650i pls???

  • Mohammad Hadidi
    Mohammad Hadidi yesterday

    Do you make video about Mercedes Benz S class W140

  • Michael Lazarus
    Michael Lazarus yesterday

    Doug Donovan, Ray's distant cousin.

  • J The Cridick
    J The Cridick 2 days ago

    do the AMG S65

  • Sirui Gu
    Sirui Gu 2 days ago

    this is the old model becuz the center consol pad is updated now in new model, old console pad is ugly now.

  • CalisRemedy
    CalisRemedy 2 days ago+1

    He can’t talk smack because it’s a dealership

  • 619guy202
    619guy202 2 days ago+1

    8:36 when this dumbass that repeats literally everything says in every video about every car. I literally unsubscribed when he brought up our stupid ass president.

  • JRP Romeo156GTA
    JRP Romeo156GTA 2 days ago

    What a fugly looking piece of crap. I mean the side view is just out of proportion with those tiny windows and massive doors and shitty chrome trim. Alloys are wank as well. Look like cheap aftermarket rubbish.

  • Gian Lourido
    Gian Lourido 3 days ago

    Please, no more Mercedes. It feels like you review a Mercedes or a BMW every other day.

  • orion deschamps
    orion deschamps 3 days ago

    Sorry, pal the iPad gauges still look cheap. The rest of the interior is great, but that with the grill is kinda eh.

  • Wetpig
    Wetpig 3 days ago

    Ewwww, the centre screens are so ugly, they reflect the light from your hands, that would be such a turnoff for me - if I could afford it :D

  • Jon Boy
    Jon Boy 4 days ago

    i HAVE OWNED A 2007 3.0 CDI for 7 years and it is interesting to note that the 3rd edition looks remarkably like the original model that still shines out as the purist design that still turns heads and gets comments. The diesel version has enough torque to pull up tree roots and returns truly remarkable economy as well as breakneck straight line speed. The second edition was a clumsy attempt to improve on the original design which failed miserably, but this new model looks the business as it strongly echoes the mark one.

  • Thisguy wholikestrains

    That looks awesome

  • dannybflat
    dannybflat 4 days ago

    Doug could sell a Blind Man a Car if he had too, or even a Chinese Women!

  • Joshua Diley
    Joshua Diley 4 days ago

    Doug, the type of guy to have people check his videos just to take part in a meme.