Khalid - Better (Audio)

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • f 9 months ago

    this song gives me those late summer nights in the car vibes where youre just quietly vibing and looking at the street- and carlights. Nothing feels better than tHAT.

  • Lardka Badaa 2 days ago

    why tf is this so accurate and relatable, those nights are why i love summer

  • Jarmier Owens 4 days ago

    Listen to this on a cloudy day

  • Iyana Grace 7 months ago

    At first this song made me think "dang this song is sooo good" Then after like the 10th time I played I was thinking "This song makes me feel so calm" Now... about the 25th time around I'm listening to it and thinking..."Damn... This song put me in my feels" 😂😂

  • Tim Smith 14 days ago

    Its probably because you were paying closer attention to the words the more and more you listened to it, it is after all a song about sex and love

  • Jullius. 28 days ago

    Iyana Grace honest

  • Kpop 6 months ago

    *_I just get the good vibes, you feel?_*

  • SugasAbokado Crush an hour ago

    Kpop same uwu

  • dream Big 1 months ago


  • Princess J 7 months ago

    I think about my life with this song.

  • Bella Hope 14 days ago

    I am crying

  • Arielle Renae 7 months ago

    Better- KhailidTrip- Ella MaiGirls Need Love Too- Summer WalkerGonna Love Me- Teyana TaylorCould’ve Been- H.E.R (ft. Bryson Tiller)You’re welcome✨

  • Luke ALLEN 18 days ago

    sorry i dont understand... explain?

  • Kayla Brooke 23 days ago

    Sydney renae: into you

  • ChilledCheese 9 months ago

    Khalid’s voice is smooth as cream cheese

  • Speaker Freak 1 months ago

    We're friends now

  • Victor Wikander 1 months ago

    So it not the smoothest but ok...well I'm definitely in the mood for some cream cheese and toast now...

  • Dylxn 101 6 months ago

    Who’s listening in 2050?

  • kay jay 11 days ago

    No one, klima change killed everyone

  • António Faustino 12 days ago

    we'll all die before that lmao

  • Niyah A. 5 months ago

    Listening to this on New Years ?

  • GalaxyStellar a months ago

    Nope im in the future

  • Cassie Jain 4 months ago


  • Milly M 6 months ago

    Who's also listening in December 2018??

  • GalaxyStellar a months ago

    Sorry May 2019!!!

  • May 2019 now. 😌🎧🎶

  • Makila♡ 7 months ago

    i just want this comment to be liked lmao. *khalid is golden.*

  • Tina K.C. 7 months ago