Lonely Narwhal Gets Adopted By Whales

  • Published on:  9/15/2018
  • Links To Sources:

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  • Nuddles
    Nuddles 2 months ago+14286

    One punch shrimp

  • Saltydumi
    Saltydumi 3 hours ago

    Pepega cheeto

  • Indoraptor Rex
    Indoraptor Rex yesterday

    2:39 when you study all night and there's still a question on the paper that you come across that you were never taught.

  • akari dae
    akari dae yesterday


  • HarryPotter4life_1
    HarryPotter4life_1 2 days ago

    That last clip ummm... Ew

  • Ali Mohamed
    Ali Mohamed 2 days ago

    You showed us this shrimp once, and you said it's punch is so fast that the water around it boils. Or was that about a diferebt shrimp.

  • Ehmm Fortnite
    Ehmm Fortnite 2 days ago

    2:11 That’s alot of damage!

  • ManDogVlog
    ManDogVlog 3 days ago

    I loved the bikes crashing

  • Cinnamon Roll
    Cinnamon Roll 4 days ago

    My phone vibrated when the cheetah began purring.

  • The Man On The Mountain

    The gecko is cute, but that kid beat it!

  • 21131 91125
    21131 91125 4 days ago

    Cheetah purring is a scary ass sound

  • Elvin Oberg
    Elvin Oberg 4 days ago

    About the gecco, can it sound more staged?

  • fresh avocados
    fresh avocados 5 days ago

    hey are you ok want a drink of water

  • That guy.
    That guy. 5 days ago

    Yeah, anything new on Earth would be found under Lake Superior.

    OZCOOLGUY 5 days ago

    Oh no you are not supposed to help something shed

  • The Crazy Colt
    The Crazy Colt 6 days ago

    0:45 looks like a dragon ball

  • GamerTV
    GamerTV 6 days ago

    00:57 the one in the middle looks like the sun

  • Phe0nix Arch3r
    Phe0nix Arch3r 7 days ago

    See, why can't we be like belhuga whales? They aren't racist so we shouldn't be either

  • Tee Roho
    Tee Roho 7 days ago

    1:05 he did that bo3 tomahawk trick shot 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rudi91
    Rudi91 7 days ago+1