LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball GIVE UP BASKETBALL FOREVER!! Lavar Ball Just Killed Their Careers.

  • Published on:  12/9/2017
  • Lonzo Ball. Lakers Highlights. Lonzo Ball is HATED. LiAngelo Ball. Lavar Ball. LaMelo Ball. Lakers and Lonzo.
    NBA Steph Curry. Lonzo Ball and Lakers. Markelle Fultz. Josh Jackson. NBA ROOKIES.
    Lonzo Ball drafted to Lakers. 2nd pick. Busts. Lonzo Ball and Lavar Ball, LaMelo Ball, LiAngelo Ball were in NBA. NBA DRAFT. Los Angeles Lakers. Lonzo Ball. Magic Johnson.
    Lonzo Ball will NOT be Laker. NBA draft lottery gave the Lakers a top 3 pick. Lonzo and Lavar are going to be pissed. The nba draft will take lonzo pick. Ball brothers watch. Lakers will pass.
    Lonzo Balls new shoes are Lavar Ball work. Big Baller Brand made new shoes called Ball Brothers. LiAngelo Ball on Chino Hills isn't as good as LaMelo Ball or Lonzo Ball on UCLA. LiAngelo NBA. LaMelo Ball is not ready yet. If LaMelo continues to play this way his NBA career won't be like Lonzo Ball.
    Lonzo Balls career is going to be ruined if Lavar Ball keeps talking about Steph Curry Lavar Ball is doing too much.
    Lonzo balls steph curry. Lonzo ball, UCLA player. As we all remember, sportscEnter shoved as much of steph curry down out throats as possible last season. Pre-game, during-game, post-game. Its was all steph curry, so as soon as he fucked up, or had one single bad game, we all got on him. we roasted him. the hype got to such annoying levels, that we hoped on steph curry to fail, just so we don’t have to deal with the non-stop steph curry fest. Liked it before I even watched. I agree with all of this. Lavar has been talking too much..
    If you guys don’t think these laker players are already annoyed the fuck out of his dad, youre as crazy as he is. Andd the quotes kinda get worse.

    lavar ball pointed to wat his son has done at ucla

    Lonzo balls news shoes. Lonzo Shoes. Lonzo. Big baller brand. lavar ball.

    “everyone says ucla is a good team. “maaan” they had the same team last year”

    still don’t think lonzos teammates might take this the wrong way? I mean I personally interpret this as, your team wasn’t shit until my son graced you unworthy peasants with his unmatched basketball savagery. Okay, now im exaggerating, but the point remains, even if what lavar is saying is the absolute truth, no one wants to hear it. Do you know how many times Jordan could have come out and said “hey the bulls aren’t without me, im you know how many times he could have said that? Not very many because he had some great teams around, stop with the myths people but if he did say something like in the 80s, even though its true, its just cancerous to the team.
    Lonzo Ball, Lamelo Ball, Lavar Ball
    If lavar ball has given any indication to what he is like as a parent, its that he is onvercontrolling, and potentially over possessive. What this means is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to be involved in every single thing lonzo does in the nba. And im talking money, people. Lavar would want to control what he does on the court, control what sponsors he signs with and how much they pay him, what brand deals he gets, and ofcourse his contract. In other words, I fully expect lavar ball to come out and tell lonzo “don’t even look for an agent. Now that youre in the nba, im your agent, ill make the money shots”
    Lavar ball Is a looney biscuit. Hes the last person id want handling lonzos money. I mean, can you imagine lavar ball as an agent? Holy crap
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  • Ali Productions
    Ali Productions  9 months ago+222

    Does anyone think LiAngelo or LaMelo will even find a team to play on? I think its over for them... But Lonzo made it.

  • loic karega
    loic karega 1 months ago

    they still would have nooooo chance in africa

  • Antonio Valmores Jr.
    Antonio Valmores Jr. 1 months ago

    hey, i'd like to see a lot of dumb balls movie.. like these soft ball , air ball, moron heroes kinda ball n' sh*t..

  • Floumadou Flom
    Floumadou Flom 2 months ago

    If u look at there numbers 1 2 and 3 it’s funny lamelo piss lonzo shit liangelo extra shit diareah

  • U K
    U K 2 months ago

    I usually dont hate but seeing this family fail would make me so happy. Like winning the lottery happy

  • Davosky David litty
    Davosky David litty 3 months ago

    From the 2k18 draft liangelo was undrafted

  • anthony OC 714
    anthony OC 714 3 months ago

    This nigga couldn’t flip a burger if his life depended on it ! McDonald’s needs a person who can mop and clean toilets , but this nigga just needs to play Ball with those other three Balls in chino and keep it in the family ! Lonzo McDonald’s ok, he can throw burger to a customer at least ....

  • Torres9 Nothing
    Torres9 Nothing 3 months ago

    I'm not new, even If I were, I wouldn't Smash the Subscribe button and I would Turn on my notifications Even Less. If your channel were goog enough to do so, I'd already had done it.
    Forcing someone, or suggesting at the start of every video, won't bring you quality, will it?

  • Mike Hegarty
    Mike Hegarty 3 months ago

    Lmmfao. Ball Jam. Sounds like lavar's favorite meal

  • Gavin McCrory
    Gavin McCrory 3 months ago

    You mean Lavar is packing 2.2

  • John Waldron
    John Waldron 3 months ago


  • lamelo ball brothers
    lamelo ball brothers 3 months ago

    You stupid they are going to still play basketball stupid

  • Van Gon
    Van Gon 4 months ago

    the next season of theif in the family coming out on october

  • Zach Bell
    Zach Bell 4 months ago

    If LiAngelo and LaMelo are seen as LeBron and Kobe, then Lonzo would be seen as Garnett right?

  • J Boy
    J Boy 4 months ago

    bruh this is a stupid video

  • Adam Walton
    Adam Walton 5 months ago

    Bro all you’re saying is that he’s a bad guy for steeling. You have stolen at least once in your life too. Your jealousy is coming out in this video. The “jokes” about steeling is getting old. You call them trash? I’d like to see you do better. Stop hating man. Nobody likes hater

  • Chris Saiz
    Chris Saiz 5 months ago

    your video sucks

  • Basketball Beast
    Basketball Beast 5 months ago

    Air ball more like brick

  • Atilola Omotosho
    Atilola Omotosho 5 months ago

    2:42 killed me bruh😂😂

  • Corjulio 21
    Corjulio 21 5 months ago

    Damn i thought you were gonna talk about basketball, but you sound salty about something.