YBN Nahmir - Up-Top Baby (Official Video)



  • ManeManeLaFlame
    ManeManeLaFlame 11 months ago+2317

    Nahmir still rappin about his gta online character

  • ChangoGaming
    ChangoGaming 10 months ago+838

    If nahmir aint on gta 6 i aint buying it

  • AuZin_HS
    AuZin_HS 10 months ago+263

    1:25 get off me

  • aaron berhane
    aaron berhane 10 months ago+713

    I like Nahmir and all but hit him In the rib once and he's done😂😂

  • March Fifth
    March Fifth 10 months ago+593

    These GTA stories are sick.

  • Sheek900
    Sheek900 11 months ago+1082

    This has to be on gta 6😍imagine bumping this when sliding on the opps on grove street 😤💥🔫

  • Giovani Amador
    Giovani Amador 8 months ago+296

    Who else is scrolling down the comments and hearing this?

  • Ziair Smith
    Ziair Smith 10 months ago+537

    He so skinny he can Dodge raindrops 😂😂😂

  • kid Trojan
    kid Trojan 10 months ago+258

    High key I think of him as a baby tee grizzly

  • Elijah Baldwin
    Elijah Baldwin 9 months ago+189

    Almighty jay-Offset

  • Artem “long reach” Lobov
    Artem “long reach” Lobov 11 months ago+1590

    He needs to bounce out with some new words and topics.

  • N i n J a
    N i n J a 10 months ago+106

    0:22 when a hot girl in the hall at school

  • Joexzy
    Joexzy 10 months ago+78

    Really underrated. Love this song and all of your songs anyone agree??????

  • Strxctures
    Strxctures 10 months ago+56

    Kinda sounds like a detroit flow🚫🧢

  • Da cringe lord
    Da cringe lord 10 months ago+68

    I showed this to my cat
    Now he barks

  • Rodrigo Novais
    Rodrigo Novais 10 months ago+86

    He looks like a holocaust survivor rapping about his gta V character

  • Howard Anderson
    Howard Anderson 10 months ago+26

    It's sad that i only heard this song for 5 min and i already know all the lyrics 🔥🔥🔥

  • D Gunson
    D Gunson 9 months ago+9

    If he dies, it will be hard to find an OG comment...

  • uno does
    uno does 4 months ago+4

    From GTA V gameplay YouTuber To one of the hottest rappers with the hottest bars of 2017-enternity of rap

  • Drop Zone
    Drop Zone 11 months ago+2054

    My neighbors liked this song so much they threw a brick to my window to hear it better