Introduction to Corporate Governance and ESG (2021 Level I CFA® Exam – Reading 31)

  • Published on:  10/19/2018
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    Reading 31 – Corporate Governance and ESG: An Introduction
    – LOS 31a: describe corporate governance
    – LOS 31b: describe a company’s stakeholder groups and compare interests of stakeholder groups
    – LOS 31c: describe principal–agent and other relationships in corporate governance and the conflicts that may arise in these relationships
    – LOS 31d: describe stakeholder management
    – LOS 31e: describe mechanisms to manage stakeholder relationships and mitigate associated risks
    – LOS 31f: describe functions and responsibilities of a company’s board of directors and its committees
    – LOS 31g: describe market and non-market factors that can affect stakeholder relationships and corporate governance
    – LOS 31h: identify potential risks of poor corporate governance and stakeholder management and identify benefits from effective corporate governance and stakeholder management
    – LOS 31i: describe factors relevant to the analysis of corporate governance and stakeholder management
    – LOS 31j: describe environmental and social considerations in investment analysis
    – LOS 31k: describe how environmental, social, and governance factors may be used in investment analysis