How To Get an EASY 100 Horsepower Out of the New Camaro!

  • Published on:  10/14/2017
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  • the truth
    the truth 6 days ago

    Will that void any warranty on it?

  • KaseyMK7
    KaseyMK7 15 days ago

    Gotta love the 8 & 10 speeds in the 6th gen camaros. Eating Mustang since 2016 lol

  • CapnCrusty
    CapnCrusty 16 days ago

    disliked video because i expected you to tune down to 100hp extremely disappointing

  • Marc Rogue
    Marc Rogue a months ago

    That’s my dream car, perfect color and everything

  • _King_E _
    _King_E _ 1 months ago

    So ur telling me a car that makes 650hp from the dealer just made 612hp what im lost

  • f a
    f a 1 months ago

    Do you lose warranty for such upgrade?

  • Spaceman24
    Spaceman24 2 months ago

    What spoiler is that on the gray Camaro at 0:57? Looks super clean!

  • Griffin Blankenship
    Griffin Blankenship 2 months ago

    Does the after market pulley void warranty

  • Mars Man of Marvel
    Mars Man of Marvel 3 months ago

    Sounds Great!!!!...I Want One!!!!

  • Determined Veteran
    Determined Veteran 3 months ago

    Can you put a link into where I can order that pulley

  • Kitarya Kysubae
    Kitarya Kysubae 3 months ago

    Fuck your automatic! Those are for old folks and women! Real men Run Stick.

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 3 months ago

    Well Cleetus, I am sold... I am getting these STAT.... My screamin' eagles need some crack... It's the american way...

  • Jason Miles
    Jason Miles 4 months ago

    Where are you located at

  • Steve Reese
    Steve Reese 4 months ago

    to swap pulleys do you have to totally remove the supercharger and can you remove the front drive assembly and press on the new one?

  • Kurt Hansen
    Kurt Hansen 4 months ago

    Summit white ftw!

  • LuvKills Slowly
    LuvKills Slowly 5 months ago

    Hi how many pounds of boost would you say that a smaller pulley gets you? 1-2 lbs? Does Vengence state what the boost increase is? Thanks.

  • Clifford Purk
    Clifford Purk 5 months ago

    I am actually disappointed in how much this thing makes stock. I would have figured at least 560 to the wheels stock. Hell the 2013 Shelby with 662 crank puts down 580 to the wheels. Wonder why it losses so much

  • CowBoy15
    CowBoy15 5 months ago+1

    I'm confused. I thought stock ZL1's give you 650HP. So why's it less with this tune? Has Chevy been lying to me? :(

  • Crash Brandon Koot
    Crash Brandon Koot 5 months ago

    I like how you made it like you can just slap it on and go without tuning lol somebodys gonna see this video and ruin their car bro lol

  • Louie Lamoore
    Louie Lamoore 5 months ago

    What size pulley did you install and why not slap headers on it and get a dyno read?