Did Sexism Cost Serena Williams U.S. Open Title? | The View

  • Published on:  9/10/2018


  • dancemaniac 10 months ago

    The only victim here is Naomi Osaka.

  • Jony FiftyFour 11 days ago

    And the umpire

  • Catherine3385 10 months ago

    Thankfully Osaka isn't whiteThese women of the view would have lost their mindand some how blamed Trump

  • Peppermint Snowdrift 1 months ago

    @Silvia j Your LAST name must begin with a "W", Silvia J....or should I say...."SJW"? LOL!

  • Mark 10 months ago

    C'mon ladies. Get your facts right before you discuss the matter. The same umpire punished male players (Djokovic, Murray and Nadal) in the past for similar violations of conduct as well. Rules are there to be adhered to. It wasn't harsh. He simply did his job. First, a verbal warning. Next, a point penalty. Subsequently, a game penalty. Go check the rule book before you start accusing people.Now just give credit to Naomi for playing lights out.

  • Tress Braga 10 months ago

    Again, these View broads don't have a clue. John McEnroe was DISQUALIFIED at the Australian Open. I'm surprised that the same thing did not happen to Serena especially after the 3d (!) violation. Tennis is so anti-MEN. Might I add that men play 3 to 5 sets per match, whereas the women only play 2 to 3. So why are the women paid the same? I wonder where are the feminists on this??

  • Peppermint Snowdrift 1 months ago

    I whole-heartedly AGREE! If female athletes are such WONDER WOMEN, then why CAN'T they play at LEAST 3-5 sets, and why DON'T they have to play by the same rules that can DISQUALIFY MEN?

  • liam holloway 1 months ago

    Sendra Kes are you fucking stupid marijuana is still illegal nearly everyone so how is it accepted you fucking dope 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂 pathetic

  • Sunil Thomas 10 months ago

    These comments are coming from people that have no understanding of the sport and its history. They seem to suggest that there was some sort of sexism involved in these penalties. This is the same umpire that have penalized male superstars like Djokovic, Nadal and Murray at the French Open and Wimbledon in the past. The facts are clear, Serena's coach did give coaching signals, she did break her racquet purposefully. Then Serena kept on badgering the umpire repeatedly. She kept on saying "you owe ...

  • Russell H 1 months ago

    @Black Goliath you state opinion

  • Black Goliath 1 months ago

    @Russell H lol

  • dnahubs 10 months ago

    Sexism did NOT cost Serena the US open. Naomi Osaka EARNED and DESERVED her win. How about talking about how a crowd of supposed adults booed a a young woman and forever tainted Naomi's first ever Grand Slam?!?!

  • Grati T. 10 months ago

    WOW!!!! when clueless people talk about things that they don't understand!There is no excuse for such a behavior! if the umpire applies the rules he is sexist?!!! Are u kiding me?!! u forgot to accuse him of racism too!! :))) unbelievable!!!!If u use sexism as an excuse for such a bevavior u are making this type of behavior legit and give a bad exemple to the younger generations! Serena has a huge responsability as a role model. To hide behind sexism is just embarrasing!!

  • Peppermint Snowdrift 1 months ago

    I don't even think that it's so much about her being a role model (although, of course, that matters some) as it is about the PRINCIPLE of the issue. It's a GAME. One should NOT be behaving as though they've devolved into a MANIAC.

  • Russell H 1 months ago

    Susan B. Anthony concurs

  • Chemicalkinetics 10 months ago

    For god sake, just honestly, and I mean honestly ask yourself the following question. If it was Naomi who got coaching, if it was Naomi who broke her tennis racket, and if it was Naomi who insulted the umpire by calling him a liar and a thief, and if it was Serena who won the tournament.... If everything is reversed, then ask yourself if people would be fighting for Naomi's right to insult the umpire? Would people think the match be stolen from Naomi? Just honestly ask yourself this. I guarantee yo...

  • Peppermint Snowdrift 1 months ago

    @Chemicalkinetics 100% accurate. I would defend the female umpire, because she would have followed the RULES. Ramos should get that same level of respect.

  • Peppermint Snowdrift 1 months ago

    Well, TECHNICALLY, it's about Liberal SJWs rights, because THAT way, both The Race Card AND The Gender Card can be thrown into the stew pot together, regardless of the relevance of either ONE....and the other SJWs won't question anything, but no, Naomi more than likely WOULDN'T have been defended....at least not as STRONGLY.

  • zero 10 months ago

    serena: gender cardumpire: go fishserena: mother cardumpire: go fishserena: race cardumpire: go fishserena: sjw cardumpire: exodia card obliterate

  • Peppermint Snowdrift 1 months ago

    If only he'd used the "DISQUALIFIED" card. :(

  • Shanika Minnick 9 months ago

    I'm a Serena Fan (btw she never played the race card)but this is pretty funny.

  • Francis Ng 10 months ago

    Total crap...these women wake up please !!!

  • liam holloway 1 months ago

    Retards on tv stupid feminist yanks