Disturbed - Indestructible Full album HQ

  • Published on:  1/7/2018
  • one of the greatest album and band EVER.
    1. Indestructible - 0:00
    2. Inside the Fire - 4:38
    3. Deceiver - 8:29
    4. The Night - 12:19
    5. Haunted - 17:05
    6. Perfect Insanity - 21:47
    7. Enough - 25:44
    8. The Curse - 30:02
    9. Torn - 33:27
    10. Criminal - 37:37
    11. Divide - 41:50
    12. Façade - 45:22

    about each song
    indestructible - a war/theme song for soldiers

    inside the fire - davids gf committed suicide when he was 16 and the song is about the devil telling him "join her" thats where "take your place inside the fire" comes from

    Deceiver - "bad relationships"

    the night - is supposed to make the night seem like a living thing
    (and was the first song written on the album AND was what this album was going to be called before indestructible)

    haunted - was about an experience david had with the poparazzi,and how it made him feel

    perfect insanity - is about an insane person's perspective
    (and was original made around the sickness came out,but they "remastered it" and released it on indestructible)

    enough - is supposed to be a message to the government about soldiers going into battle and what their loosing and what it's like

    the curse - is about how david kept having bad things happen to him in his on words he said "it's like life keeps fucking with me"

    torn - is about having to live with the terrible things that has happened to you that you have to live with and "move on"

    criminal - is kinda like torn but how it feels

    divide - "fuck it be yourself"

    facade - about a woman in an obusive relationship

    Bass Guitar/cymbol choker: John Moyer
    Guitar, Producer, Synthesizer: Dan Donegan
    Drums: Mike wengren
    Voice: David draimin
    Writer: DISTURBED