Sylas: The Unshackled | Champion Trailer - League of Legends



  • Roman Tarasyuta
    Roman Tarasyuta 14 minutes ago

    Rubick on minimals?

  • Joel Nemo
    Joel Nemo 2 hours ago

    Enlighted? Just another hypocrite.

  • Darui Tan
    Darui Tan 4 hours ago

    Hope he doesn't steal an extra chromosome.

  • TheChaos Assassin
    TheChaos Assassin 5 hours ago

    So Sylas Is A Demacian Not A Noxian Cool...

  • Paul Ivan Villacrusis

    copy cat

  • Frizkilanov Jp
    Frizkilanov Jp 6 hours ago

    "I am no thief. I merely borrow" - Grand Magus -

  • Dion Brook
    Dion Brook 7 hours ago

    Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

  • Bob Mulligan
    Bob Mulligan 7 hours ago

    What type philosophy is this

  • Brendan
    Brendan 9 hours ago

    Imagine being so boring that the only thing people remember about you is that you were chained up, but then unchained.

    IAN HEINE 10 hours ago

    *He's unshackled because if he were he wouldn't be able to go Anywhere.*

  • 773
    773 10 hours ago

    0:06 reinhardt reinhardt reinhardt

  • Michael McCarty
    Michael McCarty 11 hours ago

    Rubick gets an arcana, and suddenly he thinks he's good enough to survive in other Mobas.

  • Chuối Official Chanel

    Yeah!!! I'm sure Sylas is son of Karl Marx!!!

  • Biên Trọng
    Biên Trọng 12 hours ago

    Copy ultimate :3

  • Crazy
    Crazy 14 hours ago

    Easter egg for the next champ at the end!!!

  • Doge Doggo
    Doge Doggo 14 hours ago

    Uhmm champion spotlight?
    You know its about time

  • Ben
    Ben 14 hours ago


  • Lunari Diana
    Lunari Diana 16 hours ago

    Sylas' voice >>> sylas

  • Dong Dong
    Dong Dong 17 hours ago

    "Honor." "Justice..." reminds me of Tigreal i thought lol

  • hamza tarq
    hamza tarq 17 hours ago

    He has Sharingan !!!!!