Delusional Owner Thinks He Gets The Same Produce As The White House | Kitchen Nightmares



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  • Gary Cagumbay
    Gary Cagumbay 3 hours ago

    The cake part killed me 😂😂

  • Gary Cagumbay
    Gary Cagumbay 3 hours ago

    I should be sleeping by now but I can’t stop watching kitchen nightmares like for fuccks sakes 😂😂 I’m addicted

  • EPIC Gamer
    EPIC Gamer 4 hours ago

    I know it’s obvious but Gordon Ramsey is such an asswipe

  • Danika Mentzos
    Danika Mentzos 5 hours ago

    He’s so delusional ugh

  • Jack Daw
    Jack Daw 6 hours ago+1

    French onion soup , more like French onion shit

  • getskared
    getskared 6 hours ago

    Thank God that place is closed I never had the opportunity to go there even though i do live close but there are a lot if horror stories

  • David Herbella
    David Herbella 7 hours ago

    Gets too cringey after a while.

  • Coran Brown
    Coran Brown 10 hours ago

    tad bit click bait, but still good content

  • jwbaker15
    jwbaker15 10 hours ago

    He must get it from a McDonalds distribution center.

  • Tori Gibson
    Tori Gibson 10 hours ago

    Why exactly did he ask them to take off their name tags?

  • Smilingkiki `
    Smilingkiki ` 10 hours ago

    Him: I know a lot of chefs
    *_like your mother_*

  • TennesseeBoy13
    TennesseeBoy13 13 hours ago

    If you ever hand me a friggggggggggen lil petite carrot i swear to the lord almighty......

  • Light1500
    Light1500 13 hours ago

    Honestly I think garnishes are stupid. If you can’t eat it and don’t plan on the customer eating it why put it on a plate of food?

  • wallygames 99
    wallygames 99 14 hours ago

    Which episode?

  • T-SERIES tomato
    T-SERIES tomato 14 hours ago

    Terrible food oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Just here to Comment
    Just here to Comment 14 hours ago

    I honestly am getting triggered from all the accents there putting on 😑

  • AChocolateStarr
    AChocolateStarr 14 hours ago

    OMG that French onion soup looked disgusting 🤤

  • 9OutOf10WomenAreBattered IStillEatMinePlain

    Wheres the 🖕 button?

  • Kitcat Gaming
    Kitcat Gaming 15 hours ago

    Ah. I love watching people getting ramseyed. (Getting roasted by Gordon Ramsey)